The society in the movie “V for vendetta” is politically anti-liberal because the features of their society are not like a politically liberal one. A politically liberal society would have proper human rights, as well as a proper democracy. The society is politically anti-liberal because it violates the citizen’s human rights, and does not resemble a liberal society. A political society has support for constitution, democracy, fair elections, human rights, capitalism, and free trade. Their society is based on the ideas of Thomas Hobbes, when they deny freedom for security.

Which is demonstrated when make citizens feel that their freedom for security has been compromised. If they live in a world filled with fear, and terror, they cannot feel free. They are forced to be obedient and loyal to the high chancellor. The citizens must live with a lower standard of security, because of the high chancellor’s control over them. The high chancellor can control individuals by using techniques such as a secret police.

Their society is based on the ideas of Machiavelli, when they use fear and terror to create loyalty and obedience from the people.

Which is demonstrated when they use secret police to control when people may be outside during day or night. The society has many cameras which infringe people’s privacy. The television is always spewing propaganda. They also abduct people who are not obedient or defy the wishes of the high chancellor. They use the fear that can be instilled by such methods, to forcibly create loyalty and obedience.

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If the citizens refuse to be obedient, in most cases the secret police would resort to violence.

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The society can also be seen as Draconian, when they do not allow freedom of thought, music, or art. The high chancellor is fearful about people having their own thoughts, because they may prove to oppose his own beliefs. The government is completely invasive. The society that the citizens live in is Orwellian, because the high chancellor has complete control over their lives. The society has many cameras’ monitoring all its inhabitants. This limits the freedoms of all individuals while enabling the government to have full control.

With the invasion of privacy that the society uses, they can control all aspects of a person’s life. The individual rights of the citizens are denied, when the state takes away those rights, and controls the media in order to stay in power. When the bishop tries to rape that girl, he is violating human rights. They also do not allow same sex marriages. This is an example of another aspect life that the government controlled. The state also imposed curfews on the citizens, once again, restricting their freedom.

They also had concentration camps, where the homosexuals, Muslims, terrorists, immigrants, and disease-ridden degenerates were contained, and were used to test government bio weapons. Thomas Hobbes social contract theory includes various assumptions about human nature. There is evidence of a social contract is when all the citizens comply with the wishes of the state. When they realized that the state was no longer able to contain their own needs. They marched onto the streets, wearing masks that were sent to their homes.

The citizens made an effort to help change the society to suit their needs. This would the change that they needed, to live their life in a freer manner. A flaw I found in the totalitarian society is that when a leader controls all the important aspects of an individual’s life. It easily violates human rights, and creates problems for the people. This will result in revolution. Like the movie, people in the past have responded to such societies by revolting. When totalitarianism denies a society of human rights, as well as many other liberal aspects, the citizens will not enjoy it.

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