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Thomas green Case Study:- 1)Thomas Green was a high performing individual and could have been a very good leader, if he would have exhibited all the qualities of a true leader. Here is an analysis of Thomas’s leadership style based on Ancona leadership model. a. Inventing:- Thomas was very good on this quality of leadership.

Soon after his promotion, when he met Davis, his boss, he was able to come with many new ideas and client responded very positively to these ideas. i.

Another example of Thomas being inventive:-one of the market specialists who accompanied Thomas to several meeting during the special software project said that Thomas is very creative and can quickly think of new ideas on his feet. b. Visioning:- One of the very important example of Thomas being a visionary was that he know what he wants in his career.

He was able to see the position where he wants to be in his organization. And using his inventing capability he was able to make a way to that promotion i.

Another example of Thomas’s visioning skill:- In-spite of positive indicators of the market stats (as per Davis) Thomas was able to see that market is actually not going in that direction. Thomas was more close to the consumers.

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After he stepped into this new role he met many clients, their account executives and market specialist. Based on his meetings he was able to predict that 10% growth, which Davis forecasted was not achievable. c. Sense making:- Thomas was good in this skill also. His ideas made sense to clients (clients responded well to his ideas).

Thomas Green Case

Also he was able to convince McDonald that he is a better fit for the new senior marketing specialist position. While in meeting he was able to invent new ideas for his clients which totally got the clients interested in his ideas. d. Relating: – This was something Thomas fell behind on. McDonald informed him that he is walking into a tricky situation; still he was not able to relate this warning to Davis’s behavior. During Budgeting and forecasting meeting he openly challenged Davis’ forecasted growth of 10 %.

He was not able to relate that Davis was doing this forecasting for past several years and Thomas is the young new guy, challenging Davis Openly will make Davis very upset. In addition he was not able to relate to McDonald either. After the promotion he did not follow up with McDonald to keep him posted of the dynamics going on between him and Davis. Further he was not able to relate to his clients. He was able to walk them through the benefits they will get based on his idea, however, he was not able to provide data supporting his ideas.

Green was a high potential worker, if he has been more successful in relating to the people around him then he could have been very strong and influential leader. 2) When this new position of senior marketing specialist opened up, Davis expected to choose the new person. However, McDonald made decision to hire Green. Davis started to act from power as Green was directly reporting to Davis. In first meeting Davis although appreciated Thomas’s new and creative ideas, he also said that these would have been more effective if he had been able to provide supporting data.

From the position of power he was able to set targets for Thomas, which was not very realistic. He used his power as boss to decide Thomas’s perception of reality as this lack of enthusiasm. Soon Davis and Thomas both landed in the “Right” zone of negotiation. Davis acted his right to know Thomas’s schedule and his plans for growth. Additionally he also acted his right to get follow-up on requested information. Thomas at the same time was acting on his rights to be able to voice his perception that 10% of growth for his region is not a possible target.

In response to Davis’s complain about his schedule he defended by using the argument of his right to make decision on his trip to maximize the output. Although they were started acting from rights and power, they landed into the interest zone very soon. They based their conflict on the performance of their individual goals. Davis wanted to show a better growth in regions under him, whereas Thomas did not wanted to set a target which he could not achieve and be a failure. In my view, if they could have tried harder to relate to each other or invent a way to relate to each other, then they could have settled for a common interest.

Green should make extra effort to be in good terms with Davis. Especially after knowing that Davis’s first instinct would have been not to like him. Thomas should provide all the answers and follow-up to Davis on time by taking help from one of this marketing specialist. Also this marketing specialist can update Thomas’s calendar. Thomas should have other marketing specialist develop data to support his ideas and present them in a nice presentable format to be presented to Davis and also the clients. On the other hand Davis can also ake a step towards relating to the new situation where Davis is the new senior Marketing Specialist and try to take maximum advantage of his positive qualities. He should trust Thomas in growth forecasting as Thomas is closer to the consumer and has more exposure to the real picture. Historical data is not always the correct way to forecast. I they both make and attempt to relate to each other using these ways, they can definitely resolve the dispute. 3)Thomas Green is not very experienced in his current role.

Based on my experience from Eric Peterson case, going forward, Thomas can do following things to be a better fit in his organization. a. He should send a weekly update:- i. Thomas has been working very hard to meet clients and the market specialists to generate new business. Still Davis thinks that is a total waste of time. If Thomas sends weekly update to Davis and request a weekly feed-back from him, this will make Davis feel more valued, and the correct/useful work will be on Davis. Your progress in weekly updates will also make sure that Davis does not think that Thomas is not enthusiastic about work. i. The bad side of this strategy is that this may give Davis more opportunity to beat on Thomas. This can make Thomas very frustrated and can result in poor performance. b. Clarify your rights and power: i. Thomas was the new senior marketing specialist for this region and Davis was forecasting for this region. Thomas should clarify on this rights and responsibilities with Davis as well as McDonald. It will make more sense for a person, who is responsible for generating the growth to make the forecast of growth. ii.

There is a possibility that this will add to Davis’s anger and he may come as if Thomas is taking away Davis’s Job. Davis can use this power to add to Thomas’s problems. c. Take the opportunity when it presents itself:- During the first appraisal meeting with Davis, Thomas could have explained his work in details and clarified Davis’s doubts on his work rather than accepting all the charges. Or after receiving the forwarded email he should have really worked hard to change Davis’s perspective in 30 days. This could have been highest on his list.

Or after receiving the forwarded email, he could have McDonald and convinced her of the work he was working on. Or take one of Davis’s questions and relate the answer to what he is working on along with the success plan to resolve the issue. i. Davis will have no or less complains about him, also it will show that you are giving importance and respect to Davis. ii. A possible bad side to this approach is that he may totally freeze Thomas’s initiatives to expand and grow reasoning that this does not relate to the question at hand.

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