PRODUCT REVIEW Bissell Air Ram Cordless Vacuum 1984 Green Short

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PRODUCT REVIEW: Bissell Air Ram Cordless Vacuum, 1984, Green


Short list of characteristics -bullet form



 This is an interesting alternative apartment cleaner  to the much sought after “wave and dust” models.


It’s lightweight , still ( 8 pounds- about 2kgs- ); but not 100% as maneuverable in versatility as the ”wand” variety. The genius of this design is in the construction materials, because though it is bigger than the  “wand” versions, but also just as easily storable,  because the handle is collapsable.

  It is robust enough to be able to take on serious cleaning tasks , yet it is still quite light- weight enough for people who are infirm or tired. The battery runs on 40 mins of full lithium-ion powered charge. (the pros and cons of this battery have already been discussed.)


The reference to 1984 is the “1984 design take” on an item with a millennial design functioning savvy – for those retro design trendy  junkies!

The most positive aspect is that this is a vacuum for a serious apartment cleaning- working at high cleaning performance  on multi-floor surfaces.

 It is equipped with an innovative power foot and special brush roll design to easily negotiate  cleaning from surface change to surface change.


 Swivel steering and an easy transformation to lay flat handle makes its maneuverability under furniture and over any surface a very easy cleaning task. Despite the different design to the one currently gaining so much popularity,  it is still very lightweight and storable.


If you are one of those people, who can’t get used to handling this  old-time vacuum chore with some kind of millennial “wand”  waving the dust away,  and prefer to just  “push it along, feet on  the ground “, as you used to – you might like this model.

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It is light and powerful enough to help you handle enough difficult dirt without physical stress and distress after a hard day at work. However, the advantage of the  “wand” type, is that you can reach easily into upper dust areas, as well.

 The dirt bin is removable  with a simple slide-out action. This slider handles the evacuation of any kind of dirt easily, – debris, hair, dirt- anything.

Poor lighting conditions? Don’t worry  – state-of-the-art, wide-range lighting will  make the dirt you never even imagined was there immediately visible.


The fact that it suits the  apartment  dweller  who  feels comfortable cleaning  the old way – without losing out on anything really essential which makes modern design so appealing – light-weight, easy to store, very maneuverable over any surface, with a special features which give it “a touch in a class all of its own” –  led lights etc




 The fact that  “high place reach” does not come with the design.   Maybe the cordless time is a little too brief to vacuum really efficiently; thus the time saving convenience  intended by cordless power, might just be an ongoing wait and recharge time waster and frustration. Power features or not, this might work only in very small spaces, with fairly limited cleaning needs – despite the trendy “night-vision“ specifications.


There are many features which make this model appealing. Possibly one of the most would be that in a darker apartment with poor natural lighting, the LED feature is really a positive. As an alternative to the stick design, yet with just as many smart features, (and some more), this could work in a small apartment space where long-period vacuuming is not needed- otherwise 40 minutes and then recharge, might become quite a frustration, instead of a smart and easy cleaning routine.


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