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About the book Iain Banks’ The Wasp Factory “I have learned through all your favorite internet. I read a lot of reviews, both good and bad. Judging by the reviews “Wasp Factory” – a psychological thriller or horror. That is what I love. I immediately bought the book and in the full confidence that I will remain happy, began to read.

I have to say, I like journalism faculty student learned to read very quickly, to ensure that read 300stranichnuyu book takes me no more than three or four hours.

“The Wasp Factory” I tortured for four days. About the content. In my opinion, the story in the book, there is no, in the traditional sense of course ,,. That is, no straps, climax and denouement, as we are taught theory of literature. Details about the life of 16-year-old Frank, a young man with obvious mental disorders, at leisure torturing animals and insects. Do not worry – the detailed descriptions in the book zhivoderstva not nervous, you can read! Just explains Frank Pope, also a man with mental health problems, but in the opposite direction.

Just to the main characters in the book include the older brother Frank – Eric psychopath who escaped from a mental hospital. I do not believe it, but it was there just for animal abuse. In general the standard little family flayers. A 300-page book spreads tedious description of Frank’s life, his thoughts, conversations with his father and a bunch of unnecessary facts to the reader.

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As for the main intrigue of the book, which like to say, as something unbelievable, that a careful reading of the book, it becomes clear just 15-20 page. To torment the rest 250 does not make any sense.

The Wasp Factory Review

To me, this book reminded famous American thrash called “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” If you’re a fan of this genre – the book “The Wasp Factory” aspires to become one of your favorite books, but if not – then I think Banks are not your author. My rating – 3, as the above evaluation of the book with a plot sucked from the finger, does not deserve .

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The Wasp Factory Review
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