“The Wasp Factory”

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The following example essay on “The Wasp Factory” is an analysis of a literary work by Ian Banks, published in 1984. The article tells about the main storyline of the novel.

That’s the way human nature is that it is running or hiding from their problems, by itself, sometimes without realizing it. hides behind the mask, which even to himself seems true face. Throughout almost the entire book one can wonder hate the hero, I’m not to understand it, the family, the people around.

Why so much impunity and unnecessary cruelty? Why is the child decides to live if the other children … He hates women, offer animal sacrifices, mercilessly killing them. At the same time, he scolds his lunatic brother for what it burns and eats dogs.

After all, the old dog, how confident hero, stripped him of his “normal” life. Why is it behaves, his father, brother. All this must be an explanation. And it comes almost at the end of the book he book is not random characters:.

Snake, dog, wasps, birds, sheep … they all help to know the nature of man, his actions and actions.

The main symbol of “Wasp”. That they may represent – “envy and hatred, enemies, conflict, trouble.” The hero is constantly struggling with their “enemies” of wasps and follow the life of the “factory”, protects it from prying eyes. Hornet nest (factory) is dejected (from dream book). But the hero does not a villain, but a real victim

The only thing I did not like.

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In the last chapter, the author puts into the mouth of the protagonist couple proposals that reveal the idea the whole work. In fact, the book is written well enough and the reader itself, without assistance can draw conclusions.

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“The Wasp Factory”
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