"The Ugly Duchess Margaret, Countess of Tyrol" Review

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Essay on “The Ugly Duchess Margaret, Countess of Tyrol”

This novel became my first acquaintance with Feuchtwanger … and, it should be noted acquaintance pleasant …

Medieval duchess, all the vicissitudes of its fate and the fate of her country captivated me is not a joke … The book reads easily and quickly …

medieval Tyrol in Feuchtwanger seems alive, tangible and very gritty. This is a definite plus.

«On the appointed day, a brilliant tournament, which Tyrol waited many years. Feast came to fame.

Four knights stabbed, seven fatally injured. All we found that long since been so much fun. ” After this paragraph has become clear that the book will please me.)))))))

What is it? Politics, intrigue, war, the Jews, the birth of the bourgeoisie, the economy, cities, murders, adulteries, beauty and ugliness, and, of course, of the Margravine of Brandenburg, Duchess of Bavaria and the Tyrol Countess Marguerite lipped. “Poor Duchess Maultash! Whether your mouth on my finger already and your cheek muscles more elastic, I have lived you peacefully, happily and Tyrol and the Roman Empire would have a very different view than it is now.


This book turned out to be a beautiful jewelry box with a surprise. Historical novel … all cause-noble … and bam !!! Of nowhere .. Dwarves … Yes! The ones that live in caves, worn on the fingers of the gems to be invisible and can only contemplate the reigning sovereign, if he rightly dominates the country …. And they profess Catholicism … Did you know that? Me not! ))))) I think this book is about them … Because Marguerite leaves her beloved Tyrol, and the creation of a tiny bearded remain ….

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"The Ugly Duchess Margaret, Countess of Tyrol" Review
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