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Essay On Pole Vaulting Essay

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When the words “pole vault” are spoken, they have either never been heard of before, or it is a sport to be considered impossible by the average human. Pole vault is a very complex sport that not only incorporates speed and strength, but thought and no fear of heights. Modern pole vault can be dated back as early as the 1850’s. Only a few things have changed from then to now; the transition from wooden poles to carbon fiber poles, and the ability to reach higher heights. The process of vaulting is not as scary as it is stereotyped to be, although it is very important to think every movement through to avoid injury. A vaulter will stand on a runway, facing the pole vault mat. The vaulter picks up the vaulting pole with both hands and points the tip straight in the air, staring down the 4.5 m cross bar that will have to be vaulted over. This is also considered the obstacle of pole vault. The vaulter will then begin to run down the runway as fast as possible, while lowering the vaulting pole in order for it to land in the metal box, or pit Once the tip of the pole is in the pit, the vaulter will drive the knee upward while locking both arms and then swing up. This starts the most important part: the bend. When the vaulter gets the bend of the pole, this allows the vaulter to get the body vertical, while reaching the desired height and essentially vaulting over the crossbar. It seems like it isa lot of steps, but everything happens so fast that it takes less than fifteen seconds. Pole vaulting is a demanding sport that includes not only sprinting, high jumping, and intense arm and core strength, but also technique and mindset, which are all important key factors that will allow an athlete to become strong at this sport.

Pole vault originally started in a non-competitive way since the Ancient Greeks. (Barber para. 1) The Ancient Greeks used poles to surmount walls and obstacles of their enemies for many different reasons, such as battle…

Pole Vaulting Sport

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