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The codification of moralss is an of import portion of the nursing foundation where nurses are directed to pattern with compassion and regard for human self-respect. duty. answerability. confidentiality and patient safety ( ANA. 2012 ) . Nurses are expected to follow this professional ethical motives and values but besides to pattern their ain personal criterions as good. Valuess are one’s cardinal beliefs acquired from childhood through household and society. Ethical motives are values that attribute to a system of beliefs. Ethical motives is the ability to do right and incorrect determination based on adopted ethical motives ( Navran F.

J. . 2010 ) . Every homo is shaped harmonizing to their civilization. religious and single values that were instilled upon them by their household and community and in the nursing universe. one nurses’ beliefs may differ from how others may pattern nursing and manage ethical quandary. The civilization this writer grew up on expects the younger coevals to be respectful. compassionate. responsible and be accountable for ain errors.

This writer believes that every homo is entitled to hold the same equal intervention without bias.

These features shaped this author’s personal beliefs that as a nurse. this writer has an duty to the patients to supply them with such respect. Nurses are ever impelled to give the best quality attention to their patients and turn to all their concerns. This writer feels responsible to maintain patient safe. secured and comfy at all times and maintaining them informed sing their interventions and status along the manner. Religious value has ever been a disputing subject outside health care but this writer learned that when a patient is in a hard state of affairs.

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beliefs could be set aside to happen the best solution for the patient. There has been many contentions sing blood transfusion and Jehovah Witness faith and as a nurse. this writer do non experience that it is appropriate to interfere with a patient’s determination if they opted to follow their religious duty regardless of life and decease state of affairs.

Every homo has their ain personal beliefs and ain values which forms over their life-time by analysis of their ain observation. Nursing as a profession symbolizes many values such as honestness. duty. supplying attention to patients every bit and with self-respect ( Gokenbach. 2012 ) . The duty every nurse has in the society and their patient is to supply the attention they are entitled and esteem their wants to the best of their ability. Patients give their trust to their health professional that they are having proper attention. safe interventions and right medicines. This writer believes that nurses have a moral duty to be impartial with every patient that they encounter and to supply the same courtesy even with a hard patient. For case. when there is a patient who complains of hurting at all times and the studies from other nurses provinces that the patient is a hurting medicine searcher. this writer will non unfit the patient’s ailments and still supply the proper attention and interventions needed and ordered by the doctor.

But this is a quandary that can besides put a nurse in a hard state of affairs since nurses are obligated to handle subjective hurting ailments but finds this to be insecure as it may take to trouble dependence. Harmonizing to CDC. Drug overdose has been mounting since 1990 and most of the deceases connected to it were prescription drugs. When nurses are faced with this quandary. the most ethical thing to make is to educate the patient on the hazards. supervise the consequence of the hurting medicine and offer pain direction plans for their ain safety. Ethical quandary provide a great sum of emphasis and anxiousness to nurses. which can impact how they are able to supply safest attention to their patients. One of the biggest ethical quandary that this writer face in mundane pattern is how physicians do non give adequate clip for their patients because of the sums of patients they are to see in a given twenty-four hours.

This writer has encountered physicians who are non wholly measuring their patients when they round and do non hold the best bedside mode since they are ever in a haste. Many of the ailments received from patients were that physicians leave their room so fast and were unable to inquire any inquiries related to their attention. It puts nurses in a really hard state of affairs since nurses are non able to react to patients with all honestness when being asked about the doctor’s makings. How do you explicate to the patient that a profitable company means protecting the people who bring in the net income and ignoring the fact that the patients are non acquiring what they deserve and the attention that they need in the first topographic point. Bing that patients is this writers precedence. this writer continues to recommend for them by talking with their physicians and other health care members connected with their attention to happen solution and replies.

This writer persevere in doing healthcare direction aware of the state of affairss affecting patient dissatisfactions with their physicians and trusting that it will one twenty-four hours be resolved. This author’s professional moral compass compels this writer to supply the best attention in a responsible. dependable. honest and compassionate manner. Although faced with mundane quandary in nursing pattern. the values this writer has learned from nursing pattern is what motivates this writer to go on making the right thing by staying responsible. accountable. respectful and maintaining patients safe. The mundane experience this writer has gained from these quandary is what provides strength and cognition in happening the way this writer wanted to take.

Nursing profession accomplished my end to cognize the existent me. It gave me the chance to size up my strength. forbearance. and compassion when caring for different types of people in different state of affairss. The pride that I feel when I tell others of my profession radiates on me. Bing able to salvage lives everyday is a fantastic feeling. The contentment I feel when I discharge a patient place after being in a infirmary for a long clip and the joy on their faces as I manus over their discharge documents is invaluable. Motivation: What moves me to move?

My household is my motive to supply the best attention and dainty every patient as portion of my household. New diseases and unwellnesss are being detected everyday without any remedy and this quandary motivates me to be more argus-eyed in maintaining my patients safe. I am motivated by other nurses who continuous to lift to the occasions when needed. such as making policies for a better and safer workplace. research findings that affects 1000000s of people. and doing a difference on life of their patients through proper attention. Inspiration: What keeps me in gesture?

There are many people who inspire me to make better as a individual. My household who has supported me of all time since gives me the most inspiration of all. My household migrated here from the Philippines and reconstruct our life through difficult work. Every member contributed to carry through our dreams of doing it here in the United States and go a good citizen. One peculiar individual who inspired me is my ma who held the household together through midst or thin. She is the individual who softly finds solution to every quandary that we went through and still able to happen clip to transfuse good values to her kids. Loyalty: Whom do I function?

My trueness lies to my community. patients and my household. My household is a great beginning of who I am as a individual and the positive attitude I have extends to my patients and my community. I wanted to handle my patients the manner my household or I would wish to be treated. I am ever on the expression out for things go oning around me to maintain my community safe.

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