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The setting is in Los Angles in the year of 1948, after World War II. Easy is in Scoops bar and notices a white man, named DeWitt Albright, walk in. Easy notices that Albright is white and is dressed in all white. Easy then recalls that he is “used to white people” because he fought in the war (Devil 45). Soppy calls Easy over and tells him that Albright has a job for him and will give more details at another location.

Easy feels that Albright does shady business and does not trust him. Easy fugues that he needs the money because he loves his home and will do anything to keep his mom.

Easy would do anything to keep his home because this Is only possession he has ever had since he grew up on a sharecropper’s farm. Easy goes to the location to find out more details about the job Albright has for him. Easy runs into a white man who frustrates him enough to make Easy want to rip his face off, like he had done “to another white boy’ (59).

Finally, the man grants him access and he meets with Albright after a second encounter with body guards. Albright Job for Easy is to find a light haired, blue eyed woman whose name is Daphne Monet.

Albright was hired by another person to find Monet, but Albright goes not have the “right persuasion” (63). Easy is unsure of this Job and does not know what he is getting himself into because he does not want to cause any harm to anyone.

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Albright comforts Easy by telling him all he wants Is to know where she Is and he will him give enough money so Easy can pay his mortgage to keep his home and find him a Job after this Job Is done. Easy accepts and Albright directs him too bar that used to be a speakeasy before Prohibition was repealed, John’s place.

Easy runs into a man named Junior and he begins his journey looking for Daphne. Easy and Junior converse over a few beers about Howard Green’s murder. Howard Green was the chauffeur to Matthew Terra, who had recently dropped out of the running to become mayor. Junior then changes the topic to a man named Mouse and he asks Easy what ever happened to Mouse. Easy tells Junior that it has “been so long I don’t even remember”, however Easy lies and he does remember (76). Easy recalls that he last talked to Mouse about his stepfathers and biological son’s murders.

Mouse murdered his stepfather and blamed It on another man Clifton. However, Mouse’s stepfather’s son, Inveterate, did not believe that Clifton killed his ether but It was Mouse. Inveterate tried to kill Mouse but falls and he kills Inveterate Instead. After Easy Is done thinking to himself, he asks Junior about Daphne, but pretends that he does not know her real name. Junior does not know who she is, but Easy suspects Junior Is lying. Easy walks over to ten oar Ana slots next to Nils Eternal named O’Dell Jones. Then, Duper, a former co-worker of Easy walks into the bar along with his girlfriend Correct.

The four of them have drinks and Duper passes out. Easy helps Correct put Duper to bed and Correct starts to seduce Easy. Easy at iris does not flirt back but Correct reveals that she is a friend of Daphne. They have sex, even though Easy is Duper’s friend. Easy leaves when he thinks Duper is waking up. When Easy arrives home he receives a letter from Mouse. Mouse will be coming to town to visit and Easy reluctantly goes to his closet. He talks to himself and does not know why he went to his closet, “maybe pack my bags and leave town. Maybe I Just wanted to hide in the closet” (92).

Easy falls asleep and is awakened by a call from Albright. Albright tells Easy to meet him at the Santa Monica pier. At the pier, Easy runs into a white girl named Barbara. Easy is not interested in talking with her but she makes up conversation with him because she was forced to come with her sister and is bored. Two white boys come and threaten Easy for talking to a white girl. Albright arrives to the pier and threatens one of the boys with a gun. He lets the boy go after pistol-whipping him. Easy thinks to himself that if Albright could do that to his own, he could do far worse to Easy since he is black.

Easy is still unsure about Albright and wants to make sure again that no one will get rut before he tells Albright the information he has learned. Daphne was last seen with a man named Frank Green at the Playroom and tells Albright Franks address. Albright gives Easy more money and a card to where he can find a Job. Easy thinks that he will not need it because Duper told him that their boss will hire him again back at Champion, but he accepts the money and card anyways. Easy goes to Champion the next morning and runs into Duper who is looking for Correct. Easy lies, again, and tells Duper he went home after putting Duper on the bed.

When Easy meets with his boss, Mr.. Giaconda, he tells him that if he were white, he would have not fired him but Joked about asking him to stay late. Easy calls him by saying mister but does not get the same respect from Mr.. Giaconda. Easy demands that Mr.. Giaconda call him by Mr.. Rawlins instead of Easy and Mr.. Giaconda consents, but still cannot offer a Job to Easy. Easy is happy even though he did not get his Job back because his “bills were paid and it felt good to have stood up for myself” (112). Easy returns home by noon and notices a car parked across the street from his mom.

Two white men approach him and take him down to the police station. Easy is put into an interrogation room and is scared because they are not following a routine by putting him in a holding cell. They question where Easy was on Thursday early morning and if he fought with Duper. Easy tells him that he got drunk and took Duper back to Corvette’s home and did not argue with Duper. After Easy is beat up, the officers let him go and has to walk back home since public transportation stops at six. Easy starts walking towards John’s place and a car pulls up next to him.

Easy does not want to get into the car but the man in the back seat tells him that he knows why he was interrogated by the police. He gets into the car and meets a white man named Matthew Terra, the man who pulled out of the mayor’s race. Terra is very interested in the whereabouts of Daphne but Easy pretends that he does not know who Terra is talking about. Easy notices a strange shadow in the car and Terra tells the Mexican boy to come out. Easy notices that the DOD Is very alert Ana clangs onto learn. learn teen asks ass T nee Knows tout Howard Green and if Correct said anything about Howard.

Easy lies about not knowing who Howard is, but tells the truth that Correct did not mention Howard. Tern’s driver takes Easy to John’s place and offers him money, but he will not take it because he does not want to touch anything that man has touched. A woman named Hattie greets Easy when he arrives at John’s place. When Hattie finds out where Easy has been, she asks if it was about Correct. Easy is confused and Hattie tells him that Correct was murdered Just like how Howard was murdered. Easy asks if Hattie can get O’Dell for him, who gives him a ride back home. O’Dell advises

Easy to leave town when they arrive at Ease’s home because of the murders that have been happening. Easy looks at his home and refuses to leave town. Easy drinks a lot before falling asleep because he is haunted by Correct. He is awakened by a phone call from Junior and he suddenly remembers that he saw Daphne and Frank together at John’s place. Easy pretends not to care, hangs up on Junior, and falls back asleep. Again, Easy is awakened by another phone call but this time it is Daphne, who has a mild French accent. Two days before, Correct tells Daphne that she wants money from her otherwise she will tell Easy about her whereabouts.

Easy then breaks the news to Daphne that Correct is dead and was beaten to death. Daphne is shocked and must go see her friend but needs Easy to drive her there because she gave all the money she had to Correct. When they arrive at Daphne friend’s home they find him dead, stabbed in the back and Easy notices something on the floor and picks it up. Daphne is leaving in the dead man’s car and kisses Easy before she leaves town and tells Easy to do the same. Easy notices that Daphne has a southern accent now, not a French one. In chapter fourteen, Easy is talking to the voice in his head.

He is wondering if he should leave like O’Dell and Daphne suggested, but he does not want to leave his home. The voice in his head tells him he needs to stand up for himself and not let people walk all over him otherwise he will be dead by next Wednesday. This voice has been helping Easy survive ever since the army and is what keeps him alive after all of the dangerous situations he has encountered and will encounter till the end of the book. Work Cited Moslem, Walter. Devil in a Blue Dress. New York: Pocket, 1990. Print. DOD Is very alert Ana clangs onto learn. learn teen as

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