Devil Fruit Tom Hillenbrand Review

I’ve always suspected that the chip-spice mixture is addictive. No sooner is the bag arrived, I can not leave the fingers of it … Pardon – to chip is not the point here, yes. In his restaurant “Deux Eglises’ in the Luxembourg Kirberg chef Xavier Kieffer offers Moselle Franconian delicacies. One evening breaks a guest – a gastro critic – at the table dead together. Police are investigating, Xavier has the place to temporarily close, and he himself takes the initiative. Who has the stranger recommended his restaurant, is known only to insiders? He is supported by his friend Pekka Vatanen, an EU official with ties to the Max Planck Institute of Food Technology.

He learns more help by Valérie Gabin, the owner of the large publishing house, which every year the guide Gabin, the bible of star restaurants out there, But in the prologue we are still far from Luxembourg -. namely in Papua New Guinea. There is food scout Aaron Keitel drags through the deepest jungle to the chief of a martial, even cannibalistic tribe to offer the presents the distant civilization.

In return, he wants Chatwa, a rare fruit trade, -. An absolute novelty, which, he calculated, can be marketed well worldwide

The reader suspects, still do not know what Xavier, namely that this extraordinary fruit if it is to be a success, strictly kept secret and consequently any accomplices must lose his life. We depend on us Xavier’s heels, visit with him in the course of his research his first job.

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Because on the eve of death, if the gastro-critics as a guest in the restaurant from Paul Boudier, the acknowledged star chef Xavier and was a former teacher. But what we see before? Paul Boudiers Chalet Master has been set on fire, dead. For Xavier, it is now very hot under their feet, and two armed French haunt him. In the end, Xavier will explain the mysterious deaths of course and it also uncover a food scandal.

Although this culinary crime unfortunately has some length, it is still interesting to read. If we have savored its upper and lower town Xavier’s loving description of all the idyllic corners, Luxembourg moves in the rankings of the soon to be visited destinations all the way up, and a table in the “Deux Eglises” to book with the same. There, you can sit on the terrace by the babbling river and know you that thanks to chef Xavier’s excellent menu with perfectly matched wines a delicious evening will spend.

The bugbear to star and star chefs takes Tom Hillenbrand on gorgeous poke fun. his main concern seems to be, however, enlighten us about the machinations of the food industry. Purely interested in profit, it coats the market with artificially processed finished products. gifted star designer mix in chemical substances, optimized optics and taste out pretend something the customer what he does not eat, but at too high a dosage can even endanger his health.

That may to many seem a bit excessive, remember science fiction, but already a number of documentaries and non-fiction books showed very clearly to the world that we are already well on the way to a thus artificial diet. But we really want know that our favorite pizza with artificial cheese and processed meat is occupied? We love the familiar taste – and attack again in the freezer. Voilà: compliment to the laboratory! Good work, their design chemists! The flavor enhancers are again particularly delicious today …

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