"The Psychology of the Unconscious" Review

Essay on “The Psychology of the Unconscious”

The possibility to write a review for Freud seems blasphemous. This is not a work of art, where you can pound the table, defending his vision (and be right). In order to criticize Freud’s need to be confident in their abilities, very confident. But, relying on the availability of special education, not without timidity begin

You have heard more or less intelligible words to you: the unconscious, repression, sublimation, libido, the Oedipus complex – and want to know their meaning not from paraphrases and interpretations as from.

the original source? Then this book is for you. Unprepared reader (what was I during the first reading) may experience a slight shock from realizing the immorality of their motives and desires (I experienced)

For a person who is going to work professionally in the field of psychology, -. Book is a must for reading. If your professional activities only indirectly related to psychology (for example you are a seller or advertiser) – well you can not read, for “practical application” exposure better than the original

In general, to be honest, this is not a book that.

“I must read every”.

We can only add. that at the time of the first reading, I was just crushed the truth overwhelmed me … but later realized that psychoanalysis is not omnipotent and many of Freud’s controversial position.

Finally, give some poluanekdotichnuyu history. As is known, the two most popular and talented student of Freud (Adler and Jung) away from psychoanalysis, and their break with Freud was not very good.

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So, after a row with Jung, Freud came to her mother and complained to her at such injustice. To which the mother replied: “Poor Ziggy, you could never understand people” .

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"The Psychology of the Unconscious" Review
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