Earth were never so heavy until we started to exploit it for resources. Natural resources used to be thought to be limitless, but soon they will be gone. Everything on Earth is created to support life; instead of appreciating them, we take them for granted. As the population increases, the condition of the environment decreases. The more people there are, the more demand there is, and the more supply are needed. The biggest influence that has occurred so far is the Industrial Revolution.

We have destroyed natural forests and habitats to clear land for houses ND industries.

We burn forests to create space to plant food and raise livestock. We exploit coal and other fossil fuels to create energy. Every activity that we do involves electricity. Our desires for quality life never stop. We want everything to be technological, modern, and convenient. We live fast, so fast that we cannot see the stop sign. We have gone over the limit that the Earth can handle.

Cutting down the forests destroys other specie’s habitats and causes erosion. Burning down the forests releases huge amount of CO, which contributes to global warming and hanged in global climate patterns.

The Lorax Environmental Issues Essay

Burning coal for electricity is devastating. It also releases CO and greenhouse gases, which cause global warming, Ice melting, and coral reef dying. Smoke from Industries damages the ozone layer and causes acid rain. Additionally, the demand for food and clean water gives a lot of countries problems. We do not have enough food for many people because of climate change and poverty.

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