Last Tango In Paris Book

Main and the book – a rhythm that constantly increases with the heat of passion. Rhythm, which captures from the first page of the two people absolutely do not know each other, so different and at the same time odninakovyh.

They do not know (until the end of the book do not recognize) the names of each other. But we know that it is Paul, he was forty-five, he is a former adventurer (now haemorrhoids, prostatitis), his wife committed suicide, and now the other, he met by chance on the street, will be its last woman, the passion that burn to the ground, because he will take it for the love.

She Jeanne, she was twenty, she redhead, spoiled, she has a fiance, and her floor – it’s just plotsoe desire blinded for a moment the passion, fearing capture and passed as quickly as it came

Witness of their relationship – the whole of Paris, although they are trying to hide from him on the street Jules Verne, in the room where it all began.

Dazzling sun at the beginning of the book, and rain closer to the finale … Frame for painting interiors of love – an apartment, which initially was magically attracts both heroes of his antiquarian comfort, suddenly loses its charm, it seems empty, a stranger. Paul takes away out their furniture: for it is the liberation from the past and start a new life with Jeanne, he is an old, stupid, as a survivor of a man, does not imply that he has no place in her life

There is no place.

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maybe because there’s Tom, the young, stylish, talented director, a follower of Godard and Truffaut, representative of the “new wave”. For him, life – cinema, Jeanne – the actress, which he takes in his characteristic documentary style, so it was like in real life. But for all its success …. Cinema turns out better than love. And whether it’s real love or just kinometafora, pushed out of life all nastojashee

In males names are short and scathing – Paul, Tom. The woman sonorous, like a song – Jeanne. They will never understand each other. Passion – it is not love. And the film – it is not love. “What do you mean love? Go to the cinema to look for love!”

“I do not know who he is. I do not even know his name!” – Jeanne cries, shot by Paul. They really did not know each other.


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