A weekend trip was spent in the great city of Paris touring, eating French food and experiencing a new culture. Our first night in Paris we went out to eat at a restaurant where every student tried something new. Ranging from eating raw meat, also known as Tartare in France, to eating a rocket salad, we all enjoyed sharing and taste testing the unfamiliar supper creations. The next day we went on a walking tour. The tour guide was great and full of historical information which hearing the stories made the tour even more interesting.

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He took us to the Pont Neuf, which is the oldest standing bridge in Paris. Another famous bridge he brought us across was the Pont des Arts. The bridge is known for its locks of love. All across the bridge couples place a lock on the bridges fence wall to symbolize their commitment to one another. The bridge is also famous for a non-sentimental reason as well.

The Pont des Arts is the bridge that the father in the 2008 movie Taken was captured jumping off of! We went and toured the Notre Dame but unfortunately could not clime to the top due to the cold rainy weather conditions outside.

When we arrived at the Louvre our tour guide informed us it was originally the Palais du Louvre which housed the royal estate until Louis XIV felt it was not good enough and built the Palace of Versailles. The Louvre museum was enormous with many different eras and types of art to view.

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We had a unanimous vote, however, that seeing the “Mona Lisa” was by the far the best artwork in the place, mainly because it is such a famous piece of history. At nightfall we headed to the Eiffel Tower. All we could do was stand in awe at the beautiful architecture. The lights on the tower were on and once every hour they would put on a light twinkling show.

Unfortunately because of the time we arrived they were no longer letting people go up past the second floor of the tower but the view was still indescribable. The final day before boarding the train back to Germany we went to the Palace of Versailles. This place was by far the most stunning sight in Paris. The Palace itself was very big and everything about it was remarkable. The palace had a large garden that you could easily spend hours in. The entire Paris weekend was so full of beauty and history that we have never seen anything like it and it is a place we will surely never forget.

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