Open And Honest Communication



Jealous Husband Returns In Form Of Parrot

The Importance of Open and Honest Communication


Open and honest communication is vital while interacting with other people, and especially with those people who have special meaning such as families and close friends. It is important that the truth be upheld as much as possible in order to avoid difficult situations that are brought about by telling direct lies or simply altering the truth. The incidences described in these two stories present two men who had earlier opportunities to reveal the truth to those close to them but did not do so, leading to difficult situations later on because of their silence.

My Kid’s Dog

In this story, the aspect of open and honest communication reveals itself. In this case, the persona should have informed his family about his problem with the dog. It would be better to inform someone about an issue that makes you uncomfortable rather than hurting silently.

We can establish that the persona realizes the importance of open and honest communication rather partially than fully. The issue of burying the dog without his family’s knowledge disturbs his conscience and he finally decides to open up. However, he still harbors his problem of being uncomfortable around dogs. The situation could now repeat itself if the family decide to replace Scruffy with another dog.

Jealous Husband Returns in Form of Parrot

The man in this story remembers how, while still alive, he suspected his wife of being unfaithful but could not confront her because he did not have enough evidence against her.

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However, now back to life in form of a parrot, he understands that his wife is now a widow looking for another partner and that he has to accept his wife’s decisions. The man now realizes the importance of having an open and honest relationship in marriage. Judging by how he feels, we can tell that he is in regret. It dawns on him that he should have spoken his mind when he had the chance in the previous life. He realizes that it would have been better if he had opened his heart and let his wife know of his problem. However, it is now too late and he cannot change reality. In regret, he looks across from within his cage, sees the blue skies with other birds enjoying the air, and wishes that he too could break out of the cage and fly.


In conclusion, both the men in these two stories were not honest in their communication with their loved ones but unlike the man in the first story who had several chances to tell the truth, the man in the second story needed evidence to justify his claims. Both of these men also chose to be dishonest in order to maintain a good relationship with their loved ones. Indeed, the two stories have a similar message over open and honest communication. It is important that we always express our honest opinion and decision about the things that face us daily in life to avoid difficult situations in the future.

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