I chose Scare Away the Dark by Passenger and Open Road by

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I chose “Scare Away the Dark” by Passenger and “Open Road” by Roo Panes as a pair. Both songs beats are similar. They are not too fast or slow. The guitar is used as instrumentation in both songs. The genres are somehow the same. While “Scare Away the Dark” is neo-folk with the help of acoustic guitar which sounds more like a disco and it gives you a feeling like you just want to get up and dance, “Open Road” on the other side is more of the classic and calming kind.

The main topic of both songs is basically about changing your lifestyle. In “Scare Away the Dark” when you watch the video clip you just want to stop whatever you are doing or have to do and live the moment as you wish without having to worry about anything. Similarly, when you watch the video clip of “Open Road” you want to stop everything and all you want to do is travel all around the world, embrace the nature, meet new people, simply live your life.

Namely, both clips are relaxing, calming and gives you happiness.Both songs refer to us, people. The song by Passenger tells us how we are so concerned with “screens” (social media) and our jobs. Although nobody is really happy with what they are doing, they still conform because of society’s impacts. The song tries to tell us to break the walls. We can see it in the video clip by him entering the office while everybody is working on their computers, then they start throwing off the papers and computers.

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Afterward, you see the doors opening to the forest and in the line where it says “We should run through the forests -We should swim in the streams” perfectly describes that.The difference in the song by Roo Panes is that it is more likely to show the people around the world. While we are dealing with so many things and we are not grateful nor happy with our lives, in the video clip it shows how others with lower living standards are happy with their lives. As in the line where it says “Let me out of this cage before I swell up with rage.” We must get rid of the current lifestyle and start living our best lives before it’s too late and before we “swell up with rage”. Both songs start softer then they get louder. You can feel the rebellion. The road is open, there is nothing stopping us from trying. But we are too scared to get out of our cages, the monotonous lifestyle that we imprisoned ourselves in. Instead of “working ourselves to death” looking at our phones’ or computers’ all day long, we should live the moment, love people, dream about future, and “We should stare at the stars and not just the screens”These days will not come back. You live once and should enjoy it to the maximum. We all have responsibilities for sure, such as work, study, cook, clean and many more… The important thing is not to overwhelm ourselves with these responsibilities and become robots. Consequently, be the change yourself, do not expect anyone to change you.

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I chose Scare Away the Dark by Passenger and Open Road by
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