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The Failure of Utopia in The Giver Paper

Ms. Lebsock once said, “Nothing is ever perfect; there is always something to damage the idyllic principle of it.” Unfortunately, the same thing happened to the so-called utopian community where Jonas and his family unit lived in “The Giver” by Louis Lowry. “The Giver” is a novel set in a utopian society, a perfect world as named by the members of the community and the creators of the community. This community has eliminated each and every bad thing that we don’t want in our life such as hunger, illness, hatred, conflicts, pain and fear. Everything is created to be perfect. On the other hand, they do not feel any of the negative aspects either. They don’t have any colors in their society. They live in a colorless society. And those people who aren’t fit enough to be perfect or those people who do not live up the standard of the perfect society are killed, which is termed as “release” in the book. In order to maintain the peace in the community, the members of the so-called utopian community have to strictly follow the rules and regulations of the community. These rules and regulations govern citizen’s behavior, their language and their relationships. “Even the memory of freedom and passion, along with the pain and conflict that human choice and emotion often cause, must be suppressed. In effect, the inhabitants of the society, though they are happy and peaceful, also lack the basic freedoms and pleasures that our own society values.” I think that the so-called utopian society where Jonas lived is the deterioration of ours because this community doesn’t give us any choice, people aren’t allowed to express their feeling by any word they want and the community doesn’t allow free flow of freedom.

In “The Giver,” citizens aren’t allowed to choose anything, not even their life partner. There are conditions or rules set in the community which create a perfect family of two children. Each and every member of the communi…

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