Sometimes, if we are lucky enough to get a job

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The following sample essay on Sometimes, if we are lucky enough to get a job tells about Americans with their jobs.

Fulfillment of our needs, desires, and goals in life entail that we become employed and receive paychecks. Sometimes, if we are lucky enough to get a job that we want, we experience less stress. As it follows that although the chosen work is tedious, the catch is that we are doing what we like. Regrettably, for majority of us, the job that we prefer we do not usually end up getting.

When we work, we are conditioning ourselves physically and emotionally for the tasks ahead. The load of our work has tendencies to become heavier as the day progresses, and we find ourselves becoming stressed by the increasing work load and our decreasing energy. Stress, as defined by Panzarino, are forces from the outside world affecting the individual (Panzarino, 2008). This condition is a common health problem that is being encountered by 80% Americans with their jobs, according to the American Institute of Stress.

It’s effects on the employees range from physical symptoms like sleep disturbances, headache, and fatigue, to emotional symptoms like nervousness, anxiety, and overeating (Panzarino, 2008). These physical and emotional symptoms can become a hindrance to our job performance. Fortunately, there are easy ways on how to overcome stress. Stress management includes regular exercise, meditation, eradication of drug use, moderate alcohol use, and incorporation of a routine inside our household and work space (Panzarino, 2008).

These are simple and easy steps, but if we value our health and would not want stress to become a limitation or health problem in our work we can opt to do these.

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Our careers may not be the ones that we have dreamed of when we were still young, but they help us grow and become mature in a lot ways. Our jobs also provide us with the financial needs necessary to keep us comfortable in our daily living. Stress is one of the many employment problems encountered. Like stress, most of these problems have solutions, and rectifying it is totally up to us.


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Sometimes, if we are lucky enough to get a job
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