Water Research Proposal

Water supply is the provision of water to the individuals, industrial objects, private and public organizations with the help of the system of pumps and pipes. Water supply depends on the water quality greatly, because the government and the companies which are responsible for the water supply do not have right to provide people with poor quality and dangerous water. There are three essential purposes of water supply. First of all, the water is supplied for the domestic needs. People require pure drinking water, the water for cooking food, washing and laundry and to keep their homes in cleanness.

Then, the water is supplied for industrial and technical needs.

First of all, the water is used at factories, plants, electric power stations, transport, etc. A great amount of pure water is required for the needs of agriculture, because the quality of water will affect the quality of crops, vegetables and fruit. Finally, the water is used by fire brigades to defeat fire.

There are different sources of water supply which are chosen according to the purpose of the supplied water.

For example, there are two main types of sources: underground water (is generally pure and is used for drinking; is sold in bottles) and the water on the surface (seas, oceans, rivers, lakes, canals, swamps, icebergs, etc. The system of water supply is quite complicated and varied and is characterized as the complex of buildings and equipment which has to provide the certain group of consumers with the water of the appropriate quantity and quality.

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Moreover, the system of water supply should be reliable and stable enough to works without interruption all the time.

Water Supply Research Paper

The problem of water supply is a very important topic, because people have got used to receiving water whenever they want, but if there are certain troubles with the system of water supply, they start to understand the importance and the value of water at once. If a student wants to prepare a successful water supply research proposal, he should work hard to complete a logical and interesting paper which contains trustworthy data valuable for the further research if the professor approves the proposal.

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Water Research Proposal
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