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Renewable Energy Thesis Proposal Paper

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Paper type: Thesis , Subject: Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the type of inexhaustible energy which can be used in all spheres of human life. Today people use many kinds of energy, which are not considered to be everlasting: gas, oil, coal, etc. Moreover, these types of energy are not ecologically safe and they ruin the environment and cause pollution of all types. Then, nuclear power stations are even more dangerous, because their wastes cause serious problems for people, animals and plants. Besides, such resources as oil, coal and gas are exhaustible and very soon the humanity will experience the lack of these resources. Even now gas prices and the prices for electricity have become very high and they will become even higher, because very soon the humanity will forget about the existence of such resources as oil and gas. It is obvious that people should try to find alternative sources of energy which will be accessible, cheap and ecologically save.

Today well-developed countries have already understood the perspective and the power of the renewable energy and built modern power stations which work due to the power of the wind and solar energy. The energy of the sun and wind can be converted into electricity and can be much more productive than oil and gas. Today there are already area and even small towns which are supplied with renewable energy which much cheaper and safer. Evidently, in a several decades the humanity will use exclusive renewable energy, because people will not have any choice.

Today the popularity of the renewable energy is not as high as it should be, because the development of the technologies which will provide people with solar energy and the energy of the wind are delayed by the great businessmen, who control oil resources, which cost enormous money. Students who are asked to write a research proposal have to read much about the types of the renewable energy, its advantages and disadvantages, technologies and methods used for its development. There are several types of the renewable energy and one should analyze every type and present the most effective one. Being a proposal, the paper is expected to contain new fresh ideas which can be useful for the development of the renewable energy. One can offer his own concepts and projects which can make renewable energy even more effective and cheaper.

Research Proposal On Solar Energy

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Renewable Energy Thesis Proposal

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