Me Before You Thesis Statement

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Drama, Romance, life lessons, and endless sobbing is what the film Me Before You achieves to deliver. The movie is directed by Thea Sharrock who did an exceptional job. The movie is about Louisa Clarke also known as Lou. With her quirky personality, she seeks to find a job to help her family make ends meet. The new job Lou finds is a caregiver for a Will Trainor who was in an accident two years previous. Will is now paralyzed and in a wheel chair, he also suffers from much pain while battling different sicknesses.

Throughout the course of Lou working there, the two begin to grow very close. Their lives begin to change emotionally and physically.Louisa even says in the film, “I have become a whole new person because of you.” This quote just goes to show how in love the two characters really are. The actors that play the two main characters did a phenomenal job. The actress playing Louisa is Emilia Clarke, and Sam Claflin acts as Will Trainor.

The movie Me Before You is the best romantic genre, it is loving and humorous; while also incorporating remarkable music, an unexpected storyline, and unique costumes.

Essay Example on Summary Of The Movie Me Before You

The writing and story line is mainly what makes the film Me Before You as admirable as it is. The story line and plot of a film is usually one of the most important criteria for judging it. This movie has a very unexpected outcome from the way viewers imagine it would end.

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Even though it is not exactly the outcome viewers initially wanted, it is respected because in real life nothing ever goes as planned. It gave the movie its own story to tell, and not just the typical cliche of every chick flick. The unexpected ending is unique, because it came as a surprise. This makes a bigger emotional impact on viewers as a result. Throughout most of the movie, it is about Louisa trying to change Will’s Mind. She is trying to change his mind about a specific matter. This particular matter cannot be given away, because it will spoil th…

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