Thesis Statement Of The Greatest Showman

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The value of a movie is from the joy and inspiration of it. The movie is one of the best implements for entertaining people, giving them hopes in life or showing them the mirror of their own life. The example of the extraordinary movie is “The Greatest Showman”, a biographical musical movie about Barnum’s life and his Bailey and Barnum Circus.

Essay Example on The Greatest Showman Thesis Statement

“The Greatest Showman” is directed by Michael Gracey, written by Jenny Bicks and Bill Condon.

The movie is inspired by a young man names Barnum, who has the dream about helping unusual- looking people to go out of their comfort zone. They gather and form a unique circus. All through the movie, Barnum’s family is always by his side. From the first day they form the circus until the days when “Bailey and Barnum” becomes famous all over the world.

The movie encourages young people by giving a message: never give up, work hard, and family is always the best place to turn back.

Barnum builds up his fabulous circus from a boring museum. He invites unusual folks to come to his place to perform, and together, they make a famous circus. When Barnum tries to further his reputation to the new world, he cooperates with Jenny Lind and becomes well-known. They make successful performances all over the world. After a while, Barnum comes back with his family and the circus. The achievement of the “The Greatest Showman” is the ability to inspire people with the hidden message at the end of the movie: family is infinity; fame and greatness are temporary.

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Contemporary, the accomplishment of “The Greatest Showman” is that it gives audiences the chance to see themselves through each character. For example, the “freak” performers represent for those brave people who believe they can cross the limit between being unusual and special; Barnum appeals to people who believe they can change the world and Barnum’s wife is entitled to be a good woman in the family who always sacrifice her life for her…

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