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Mathematical modeling is the process of creation of mathematical models in practice. A mathematical model is a system of math relationships, which describe the process under research or the event. One applies Mathematical modeling in such science as economics, sociology, ecology, physics, mechanics, chemistry, information technologies, biology, etc.

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So, it is natural that every science which uses the definite numbers and statistical methods of the research has to rely on the mathematical models who help them organize the results of the analysis wisely and logically.

To receive the mathematical model one applies the laws of ecology, special rules of exact sciences, the results of active and passive experiments, the imitative modeling with the help of the computing machines. The models help experts with the predictions about the development of the process, calculate the function, control the process, project systems with the required characteristics.

To create a mathematical model one can rely on any precise tool, such as probability theory, mathematical logic, abstract algebra, set theory, etc.

Mathematical modeling is the most popular method of research in cybernetics. The process of modeling is vital in many sciences because it helps experts organize the operation of the study in the right way and make adequate predictions of the results achieved during this process. There are complicated mathematical models applied in cybernetics and programming. They are characterized by the fact that one complex model consists of several smaller ones which combine their functions and data for the single more complicated aim.

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Mathematical modeling is a complicated process which provides experts which the detailed and logical models of various methods and events connected with different sciences. The student, who has decided to pay attention to the topic on mathematical modeling and prepare a project on it, should think about the selection of the most thought-provoking aspects and points of the issue to make the proposal informative and exciting for the professor. The young person has the chance to reveal the problem from all sides and demonstrate the list of the methods for the investigation and share the predictions concerning the research on mathematical modeling and its relevance in modern sciences.

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