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Essay Example on Raf Leadership Attributes

The Enfield Cycle Company made bikes. bikes. lawnmowers and stationary engines under the name Royal Enfield out of its plants based at Redditch. Worcestershire. The bequest of arms industry is reflected in the logo consisting the cannon. and the slogan “Made like a gun” . Use of the trade name name Royal Enfield was licensed by the Crown in 1890.

Essay Example on Raf Leadership Attributes

Royal Enfield bikes were being sold in India of all time since 1949.

In 1955. the Indian authorities started looking for a suited bike for its constabulary forces and the ground forces for policing responsibilities on the country’s boundary line. The Bullet 350 was chosen as the most suited motorcycle for the occupation.

In 1957 tooling equipment was besides sold to Enfield India so that they could fabricate constituents and get down fully fledged production. The Enfield Bullet dominated the Indian main roads and with each go throughing twelvemonth its popularity kept lifting.

Enfield Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Got dissolved in 1971. But they were still produced in India with the name Bullet. and were subsequently on exported to states like U. K and USA. In 1990. Enfield India entered into a strategic confederation with the Eicher Group. and subsequently merged with it in 1994. It was during this amalgamation that the name Enfield India changed to Royal Enfield. In 1996. when the Government decided to enforce rigorous norms for emanation Royal Enfield was the first bike maker to follow. a tradition which has stuck on therefore doing emanation norms being one of the most of import factor the company focuses on.

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Essay Example on Raf Leadership Attributes

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