Research Papers History Repeats Itself

“The most solemn humbug which does duty as a profound historical reflection is, that history repeats itself,” a quote cyclic historians live by, having been their doctrine for over a century. This belief that our past directly influences the present and future is a way of life for some people; and is a very realistic belief. Through our past experiences, we as humans learn, grow, and develop Into creative beasts. When I was young, my life was crafted Into the masterpiece It Is today.

In kindergarten, through the meticulous and crazy surroundings, my “extreme” sense of amour was crafted by my uncles.

The memory In question was at a Christmas at my grandma’s house, we had Just opened our presents, and I had gotten -a game which still holds the number one spot In my heart – Crop: The Legend of the Gobos. Whilst the game was cutesy and fun In nature, my “less than experienced” uncles began playing it, and immediately starting raging.

The language was…. Colorful to say the least. I remember when I finally got my hands on the game, my uncles still encircling the faintly glowing green LED, awaiting for someone to finally beat the first couple of screens.

I was finally handed the controller, and with my 5 year old vocabulary proceeded to berate the game. From calling the cutesy unreachable gobos “potsherd”, to calling the game a “poop covered game”, that language and love of attention was etched onto my psyche, forever being a part of my life.

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From small events such as overcoming a “booboo”, to the constant attention one received as a newborn; every event in our lives moulds us into the people we are today. Even though we may not believe in it, our past greatly influences our futures, much like cyclic historians view points.

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Research Papers History Repeats Itself
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