Mathematical Prayer

Lord, enlighten me with life’s absolute value and your spirit’s infinite grace. May you eliminate my negative traits and help me think in a positive way. Teach me how to do my works in equal proportion and help me see the world in different angles. Add the beauty of life within me and subtract all of my sins by your mercy you have shed on me.

Multiply the seed of your righteousness in and through me, so that I may rightly divide the word of truth and present myself to you as your child who does not need to be ashamed.

Show me the difference between good and bad so that I would know which one is the straight path that would lead me to you. Help me understand that the world is a big circle and not all the time, I am on the top. Shed unto me the willingness to be in study mode.

Give us supplementary blessings that would help us conquer our problems by all means.

For You are worthy of all praise and deserve nothing less than my best, as there is no other God who is equal to or greater than You. You are the origin of all things! How precious also are your thoughts to me, O God! How great is the sum of them! May my thoughts also be a sweet savour to you as we count your blessings to infinity. In your perfect and most holy name I come to you, Jesus, and ask these things.

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Mathematical Prayer Mathematical Prayer Mathematical Prayer

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Mathematical Prayer
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