Research Proposal On Language And Culture

Language and culture are the two interrelated components which can not exist without one another, because the language is directed by culture and the type of culture is revealed in the richness of the lingual vocabulary. The idea about the relation of language and culture appear in the beginning of the 20th century when the psychologists and linguists started thinking about the factors which influence the quality and quantity of the vocabulary. The unique peculiarities of the language, the unique words and word-combinations were in the center of their research.

Linguists have discovered that different cultures possess different understanding of the world and the result of this difference is observed in the human language.

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Evidently, the culture and natural environment and conditions of life play the major role in the creation of the human language and especially its vocabulary. If the country is situated on the territories surrounded by sea, it will surely possess rich vocabulary related with the seaside, the sea animals and plants.

In comparison with the cultures that live in the dry areas, the cultures living on the seaside will have dozens of words about the color of the sea and the weather which would never exist in other cultures existing in other geographical circumstances. Then, the culture also influences the type of language, the style of conversation, etc. For example, in some cultures the process of conversation is accompanied with gestures and mimics, while in other cultures the conversation is rather restrained.

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Language and culture are the important issues which can not be observed separately, because every language determines the culture and it is easy to understand the history of the language just paying attention to the culture and the environment of the language native-speakers. The student is able to dwell on the explanation of the connection between language and culture and prepare a persuasive proposal which can prove to the professor the relevance and quality of the selected topic. One should analyze the topic seriously and brainstorm an interesting theory or concept which can be related with language and culture.

The proposal is supposed to be conducted in the appropriate persuasive manner and contain trustworthy methods of the research.

The most complicated moment associated with the organization of a research proposal is the right composition of the text and formatting of the paper, so one is able to solve these troubles with the assistance of the Internet and a free example research proposal on language and culture. The student can broaden his outlook following the guidelines of a free sample research proposal on language and culture written by the experienced and top-qualified expert in his field.

Essay Example on Proposal At Kfc

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