Development studies are the complex of disciplines which appeared on the basis of the interconnection and cooperation of various social sciences. Development studies touch upon the serious problems which are connected with the development of the human society and the economic growth.

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Generally, the target of the research is the third world and the developing countries, which use the achievements of development studies for their own benefit improving themselves according to the novice theories and brand new approaches.

The popularity of development studies appeared in the end of the 20th century, when the world entered its new phase of decolonization and the development of the third world countries. The developed countries, like the UK, the US, France, Germany, etc started to devote time and efforts to the creation of methods and techniques which can help the developing countries improve themselves and increase their economics.

Furthermore, development studies research the environmental problems, investigating the global ecological problems and looking for the effective ways out.

The experts in development studies find job at such international organizations as UNO, Green Peace, etc. and work for the sake of the humanity trying to solve such problems as poverty, overpopulation, urbanization, environmental issues, human security, human rights, unemployment, epidemics, migration, etc. Development studies are the interdisciplinary sciences which are aimed at the improvement of the world around and protection of the human life, well-being and health in spite of the religious and worldviews, gender and color of skin.

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Development studies are the young disciplines which touch upon the urgent social, economic and environmental problems and they are worth investigation. If one wants to research the perspectives and potential of development studies, he can prepare a research proposal and share his ideas with the professor. The aim of a research proposal is to persuade the professor in the relevance of the topic and illustrate the purpose of the research, predict the possible results of the research and think about the most appropriate methods of the research and sources which can be effective for the high-quality analysis of the problem. The student is expected to share the brand new ideas concerning development studies and evaluate their importance for the humanity.

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Essay Example on Research Topics In Development Studies/pdf

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