Research Paper On Logistics And Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the organizational strategy and applied software aimed at the automating and control of all the processes of the supply of the company and the control of the circulation of the production. The term of supply chain management is closely connected with logistics, which works on the management of the process of the distribution, transportation, protection, storage and delivery of production. There are six core processes which are the targets of the supply chain management: production, delivery, location, supplies, transportation and information.

The system of supply chain management consists of the two sub systems: supply chain planning (creation of the schedules, routes, prediction of the processes and terms of transportation, modelling of the certain situations, compare the current and the previous indicators) and supply chain execution (the fulfillment of the supply in the current moment).

Essay Example on Logistics And Supply Chain Management Research

The combination of the process of logistics and supply chain management enables to improve the process of supply, decrease the price of transportation of the materials, resources and products; collect and process information about the clients and conform to the demand and expectation or the clients planning the most convenient terms and reliable ways of supply.

Furthermore, it is possible to predict the rates of sell (weekly, monthly and compare the results to the previous ones); manage the supplies (optimization of the delivery, warehousing, storage and protection of supplies, optimize the supplies in the logistic chain taking into consideration the planned sell, abilities of transportation, various limit and business-rules, etc.

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Logistics and supply chain management are the two main components which enable the individuals and organizations receive their resources, materials and products on time, in the appropriate condition, quality and affordable prices. A well-composed logistics and supply chain management research paper is supposed to explain the meanings of the terms and find the connection between them explaining how they cooperate and improve the work and functions of one another. A good research paper should contain the purpose of the research, the results, rich methodology and literature review parts and be based on the analysis of the top-quality up-to-date sources. It is very important for writing a research proposal also.

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