Professionalism Essay

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Over the last two hundred years nursing has changed on so dramatically In so many ways. While I was researching for this paper I had a hard time choosing Just five changes but I did narrow it down to: job duties, public image, education standards, nurse patient ratios, and technology. Job duties: This one I found so very interesting;” we have come so far.

Nurses were first known as ‘handmaidens. ‘ Their role was limited to doing exactly what the doctor told them.

Typical duties included: cleaning of the patients’ areas

Nurse to Patient ratio: Until ten very late Into ten early z nurse to patient orators were completely unregulated. Only thirteen states currently have legislation about staffing ratios and those laws are very vague. Nurse to patient ratios are important for so many reasons. A few of those reasons are safety for the patient as well as the nurse the last two hundred years.

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Professionalism Essay
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