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Essay on “Perdido Street Station”

This is my second introduction to the Tea Mevil.

And I’ve realized that there is in him, or in his work something insane, uncontrollable, unreal.

For the tea, there are no genre boundaries. < / p>

He – chef “Fantasy” restaurant. I’m going to have to try his dishes for the second time. This time for lunch he had prepared his signature dish.

To prepare this dish China Mevil took two hundred pages of the latest fantasy (previously attracting the right customers through a sieve of elves, gnomes, dragons), added to it a hundred pages of acute political thriller he added to a hundred pages of steampunk, a little shredded NF (by HG Wells), finely sliced ​​juicy detective, one hundred and fifty pages.

Then brought out of the dark closet sixty pages terrible and horrible tale, I put it all on top of it all. Heavily salted satire, from the heart, not wishing peppered horror. Then poured it lean a parody of a big bottle, sprinkled on top of several pages of the sharpest black humor, he added to several pages of mysticism to taste and stir it all began.

Once, twice, again, more … Watered all formed phantasmagoric juice, and stir again, I poured over and mixed. But here, is ready!

Finally, I tried the lunch is delicious, intoxicating scent coming, a dish called “New Crobuzon»

The storyline is tied to two characters. First and foremost, our character, so to speak, the main ingredient of our food – Isaac is a little obsessed with science, a talented scientist, very scattered, unpredictable.

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He is a person.

The second central character, is no less interesting, is a friend of Isaac Lin. She – a race of Khepera (bugmen), she has a beautiful body of the girl, and the head of the beetle. They have long been lovers. Lin – a talented sculptor, she makes sculptures with the help of special glands on the head …

His chaotic, no other word I can not think fantasy Mevil tears all the other books of this genre, well … how Tuzik water bottle !

Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine a big city-state, where it joins the technology of the 19th century (steam mechanics, locomotives, ships), with science, largely bygone far ahead. Divided into districts or ghettos, a huge area city ispolosovannaya rails laid on the ground and above the ground, in the air hovering airships, of which the order is watching the police, on the streets, you can see the mutants in restaurants and boutiques, the so-called converted. Freaks who have 4 arms, 6 feet here everyday catcher. For spectacles have the zoo, where many outlandish. There is a red light district where prostitutes too mutants offer themselves in different ways, and they have … at any, even the most perverted taste. Also on the streets full of robots, humans, birds, beetles, people, people, cacti …

In addition to the air rushing bird-like creatures with wings dog …

New Crobuzon – it metropolis of the future with huge multinationals that squeeze all the juice out of the people

(the author expresses his left-wing views, he was for the revolution …)

Many areas of activity (drugs, prostitution) controls the mafia < / p>

there are disgruntled power of the city, so there are opposition newspapers published in clandestine printing shops.

in the end, self assertion Mevil provides that its purpose in literature – “rescue fantasy from the clutches of commerce and genre clichés»

As it happened, Isaac and Lin, involved in dangerous adventures: Isaac one wingless garuda, suggested that he he created new wings . Godfather of the Mafia (well, very creepy mutant) New Crobuzon, Lin offered to make him a statue.

The city is divided into districts, districts, representatives of different races prefer to live in isolation, do not stop interracial, interspecies conflicts …

An interesting crown interspecies sex Lin and Isaac. This relationship among people is considered abnormal, perverted. They initially hiding, afraid of judgment. But over time, they gradually overcomes his fear of misunderstanding and condemnation.

It’s very odd. The city, which is a mixture of representatives of different races, species, converted, mutants, condemned interspecies communication.

Policy here involved, is closely associated with crime …

The ending of the novel, in my opinion very tragic, but it is in Mevil style, because he continues to get rid of all sorts of cliches, and most importantly it is completely unpredictable.

in general, the book is not for everyone, so I recommend it only to those who love unconventional fiction with extraordinary detective story written by a stylish language!

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"Perdido Street Station" Review
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