Online Enrollment System Thesis

This part presents bodies of literature and studies which were sourced from various authorities in relation to the present proposed study about Online Enrollment System. Internet Enriquez (2013) states that in these days, effort and money are such vital things that have to be used very efficiently to have a satisfactory outcome whatever work is to be done.

Essay Example on Online Enrolment System

Modern technology makes life simple and easy in many ways. Internet, for example, is a very helpful tool for the students for research purposes.

It also features online applications (e. g. Students Information System, Enrollment System, and Grading System) that help individuals to work through the World Wide Web.

Online Enrollment System In other colleges and universities, they are already implementing Computerized Enrollment System for the ease and convenience of the students. This proposal also tells us how automation and computer software greatly accelerate human technological processes and advancement. In India’s higher educational system and it is the third largest in the world, after china and United States have been the higher educational system.

A software development and IT service firm implemented its catalyst in Governor Andres Pascual College was integrated web platform to provide content management, transaction processing, marketing and interactive community functions to the two rice schools. The content management tools of the Jones school staff edits update or add to the volume of curriculum and event information without calling for technical assistance. It simply cut and paste document into the content management system for consisting and publish to the web in the school.

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Andres Pascual College, has their University of online system of enrollment including their inventory to lessen hassle of student filling out different forms and identification to verify their enrollment slot and inventory from which they can see their current balance for the past semester. While at Cavite State University – Main Campus the present study focuses on using the internet environment to suffice the needs of students who are far from the vicinity of the University to lessen their hassle.

Thus the researchers provide a website for the University where incoming students who’ve passed the entrance examination and former students of the said University, where they will fill-up the corresponding requirements through the web, the web also includes the list of courses offered for the whole year and the blocked class you will be listed to. You can also check if you are a registered enrollee via creating an account from the University web.

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Online Enrollment System Thesis
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