A Discussion on the Issues in Multicultural Education and the Diversity of Enrollment in Katy Independent School District

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In the fast—growing area of Katy Texas, Minority student enrollment has skyrocketed with minorities outnumbering Caucasian students, which isn’t normally a problem except the district is also seeing an increase in the number of students classified as economically disadvantaged. In order to become a multicultural unrestricted environment in the district, the curriculum and teaching approach including the philosophy of education has to be widespread in favor as being unconsecrated reforms the state, the board of trustees, the parents, and teachers, and are involved to make take this inclusion possible.

All these individuals make a culturally inclusive curriculum that deals with all aspects of cultural diversity in school. Overcoming cultural effects and language barriers have been one of the academic difficulties the district has faced with this shift in demographics.

The problem is the City of Katy is divided there is the part of town that is south of Interstate 10, which is comprised of newer subdivisions and developments, and residents are more affluent.

The part of town that is north of interstate 10 and comprised of mainly lower middle class and economically disadvantaged population. Katy ISD also has a few title 1 schools which is located on the north side of Katy, as the KISD minority population has constantly increased, school officials say they are striving to keep pace by training staff in cultural diversity and making changes in approaches to instructions. Many programs already exist to help give all students differentiated instruction like advocacy for ELLs and their families, and proclamation and advancement of the strengths of a diverse community “By 2012, the number of Hispanic teachers increased to 450, representing about 12 percent of all teachers compared to 3,104 white teachers representing 80 percent of all teachers.

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Students’ responsiveness to learning opportunities is enhanced when students are encouraged to examine their own preconceptions about cultural differences in dealing with persons whose culture was different from their own. With an increasing number of Katy ISD parents who are new to the American educational system, there is a need to assist these families with building their understanding the building block, of the American public education system, including graduation requirements and the college admission expectations, Katy ISD needs to be showing awareness of and preparation for addressing the solitary needs of foreign students at any age and educational level they arrive at. “Newcomer centers” at several high schools, should help launch recently arrived high school students with intense language study and other support as they transition to the mainstream.

Educators have to be trained to impart an irreverent kind of education and we learn how to conform to a diversity of students and use diversity to provide educational proficiency. Increases in the diversity of student community campaign the need for staff training in the area of cultural awareness and diversity as well as differentiation of instruction to meet the needs of all students. After Katy ISD proposed the 748 million bond, the only appropriate and fair decision is to hiring more minority educators to meet the demographic changes. A need for new approaches to meet the challenge of diversity in the work-place and education is difficult not to exaggerate. Equal educational access for ELL and their families. Katy Independent School District not only supports but encourages teachers to obtain certifications in English as a second language to accommodate the growing number of languages spoken in Katy ISD schools Any curriculum change would require a lot of investment in the form of time and transition period and so it is expected that it would take a few years of policy changes and design. After Katy ISD proposed 748 million bond, the only appropriate and fair decision is hiring more minority educators to meet the demographic changes.

Today the state of society is characterized by increasing social mobility and the development of cultural contacts at all levels. Some of the outcomes expected in the diversity and enrollment in Katy independent school district has already been in effect and are working on creating a change within the schools. Increased adaptability, promote of diversity in leadership and educator positions are the keys to create a better quality education for a diverse population of students. Diversity and Professional training for educators before entering the workplace is essential. Highly qualified teachers and specialties in multilingual, bilingual teaching and urban education is essential in teaching multicultural education. Children need to be around a teacher who will provide inclusion of multiculturalism and diversity in lesson plans and will be able to foster positive self- regard in one’s own culture and positive attitudes toward the culture of others. I know I‘m going to continue to ask the bigger questions of myself and seek the answers that sometimes feel impossible, because my students deserve it. Teachers bringing very real and tangible hope for the future generation for all children.

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