Music Appreciation Part 2

The composer-poet of the Ars Nova

Medieval instruments can be classified as bas or haut, meaning:
soft or loud

The character of Farmers’s Fair Phyllis is
pastoral and light

Renaissance music vs medieval music
has fuller harmonies
performed a cappella
and has smoothly gliding lines

what did secular music bring to court life
supplied entertainment and ceremonial and dance music

Polyphony required the development of
rhythmic modes

The service in the Roman Catholic Church that symbolically reenacts the sacrifice of Christ
the Mass

Which religious figure is praised in the text of Hildegard’s alleluia,O virga mediatrix
Virgin Mary

Why does Gregorian chant sound so different from other music
there is no harmony

Who was a leader in the Protestant Reformation
Martin Luther

What best describes the texture of the ideal Renaissance sacred music

characteristics of Gregorian chant
monophonic texture
free verse rhythm
and generally conjunct motion

vivd depiction of the text through music, known as word painting is a hallmark of
the madrigal

the earliest type of polyphony was

After the Protestant revolt of the early 16th century, the Roman Catholic Church responded with a movement to recapture the loyalty of its people, known as
the Counter-Reformation

Which genre of vocal music was not used in Renaissance church services

Early notation suggested melodic contours using small ascending and descending sign called

in addition to composing music, Hildegard of Bingen is known for
her visions that foretold the future
founding her own convent
and writing religious poetry

For which liturgical occasion was Hildegard’s Alleluia, O virga mediatrix sung
a feast day for the Virgin Mary

the Notre DAme style of polyphony, in which the tenor line was based on a preexisting chant melody and the upper voice moved freely (and more rapidly) was called

primary language of the Mass

text of Ave Maria……virgo serena is
in praise of the virgin Mary

how many voices are in Machaut’s chanson Puis qu’en oubli______who is the composer
ballade for 3 voices_______

who is traditionally associated with collecting and organzing the chants of the church
Pope Gregory

in Germany, aristocratic poet-musicians were called

Medieval ancestor of the modern trombone is
the sackbut

french courtly love song of the Middle Ages

The first section of the Ordinary of the Mass, a plea for mercy in A-B-A form, is called
the Kyrie

what is the order of the church services and structure of each service
the liturgy

Madrigals with simple, pastoral and humorous texts were especially favored in

How ws music written in the early Middle Ages
in fixed patterns of long and short notes known s rhythmic modes

What genres of vocal music were used in REnaissance church services
Gregorian chant, motets, and hymns

an end blown flute with a breathy tone

Which section of the Ordinary of the Mass is a confession of faith
the Credo

Sumer is icumen in exemplifies what compositional device

what describes the texture of the Pope Marcellus Mass
six-voice polyphony

What were the Council of Trent’s recommendations
to remove all secularism from church music
to make the words more understandable
and to discipline the irreverent attitudes of church musicians

which religious figure is praised in te text of Hidegard’s alleluia o virga mediatrix
the virgin mary

Tielman Susato published music in which major European center

what was an early center for the development of polyphony
Cathedral of NOtre Dame in Paris

what are the two most important genres of Renaissance secular music
chanson and the madrigal

which early REnaissance composer exerted a powerful influence on generations of composers who followed

what is cantus firmus
a fragment of Gregorian chant or a secular tune used as the foundation of a polyphonic Mass

what were some subjects reflected in the poems of troubadours and trouveres
politics and current events
moralizing and devotion
love and unrequited passion

expressive device used by Renaissance coposers to pictoralize words musically is called
word painting

what is the form of teh rondeau

fixed melody used as a basis for elaoborate polyphonic writing in the Renaissance was called
cantus firmus

what was an appropriate outdoor instrument

what woman was a religious leader and prominent figure in literature and music
Hildegard of Bingen

what characterized secular music-making in the REnaissance
music making at home became increasingly popular proporous homes had a lute or keyboard
and study of music was seen as necessary to the proper ubringing of children

Josquin’s Ave Maria….virgo serena is an example of
a motet

which composer responded to the reforms of the Council of TRent in an exemplary fashion

Portion of the Mass that changes from day to day, depending on the feast celebrated is called
the Proper

Portion of Mass that remains in the same in every celebration of the service is called
the Ordinary

where was the madrigal first developed

characteristics of the dances published by Susato
binary form
lively rhythms
occasional embellishments

what was a lively circle or line dance often performed outdoors

what are the movements of the Ordinary of the Mass
Agnus Dei

music of the 14th century developed a style that became known as
the Ars Nova

a setting of Gregorian chant with one note per syllable is called

early songs in latin, such as those in Carmina burana were created by
students in university towns

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