Interview Script for Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Lyons

The following example essay is about an interview script for Mrs. Johnston and Mrs. Lyons. Read the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay, scroll down.

I have chosen to do a script interviewing Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons. Interviewer: “Mrs Johnstone how did it feel giving up one of your sons? ” Mrs Johnstone: “It felt terrible, and the guilt still hunts me but I did what I thought was right, at least one of my sons would have a successful life.

” Interviewer: “Mrs Lyons how does it feel having to lie to your husband that Edward isn’t really your son” Mrs Lyons: “I knew my husband wouldn’t agree but this is what I wanted.

We brought up Edward as our own and weather or not our blood flows through him Edward is part of the Lyons family. ” Interviewer: “Mrs Lyons how did you feel knowing you where taking away someone’s child and after not letting the true mother see her child” Mrs Lyons: “I didn’t take her son away we both agreed on the matter and she had the power to say no in which she did not consider.

I had to sack her not for my benefit but for the Childs. ” Interviewer: “Mrs Johnstone do you agree or disagree that if you hadn’t of given up one of your sons their deaths would not have occurred”

Mrs Lyons And Mrs Johnstone Scene

Mrs Johnstone: “that’s hard to say that’s a yes and no answer, on earth we are all meant to die and their time was just simply up it was inevitable, but yet the way they died wouldn’t have happened if they knew they where brothers.

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” Evaluation: This exercise helped me greatly to understand about family separation. By doing this exercise I had a much better understanding of Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone character. This situation is very realistic because a lot of child separations are due to the parents this proves that most separations are from the parent’s decisions.

And in this case this is a single parent not being able to cope with more children. Mrs Lyons character is very superstitious and manipulative, she could see that Mrs Johnstone was weak and so she took advantage. From this I could see that Mrs Johnstone feels only guilt, and she didn’t have much choice with Mrs Lyons manipulating her. This story reminds me of someone I know very well, he was separated from his parent and sister because of a new family member who was married to his mother. His father had left long ago and hadn’t been seen since, and his stepfather didn’t get on with him very well.

He and his sister seemed to do everything wrong which leaded to physical contact. Manipulative their mother ended up putting them into care. I sympathise with the step father because he clearly is insecure, and his very jealous. He feels that he is superior to the family and over powers them. Family separation seems really depressing because of all the lies that there is. There seems to be so much pain between them, and just feels really horrible altogether. And a lot of the time there’s one parent manipulating another. Role of the narrator:

The scene we worked on was the scene with Mickey and Sammy where the robbery situation occurs and Mickey is arrested. We wanted to narrator to be very suspicious and come across to the audience very evil. We aimed to do this by his body language and posture, through his tone of voice and facial expressions. We wanted the narrator to act with the characters as their conscience, he was very ghost like and watching the characters actions as they where committed. This brought dramatic tension upon the characters and audience in which it showed he was in control.

When speaking to the characters he was very manipulative by speaking smoothly to make his sentence last longer, and stay in the characters head. He would also repeat himself to keep reminding the characters. He would keep constantly telling Mickey he was a killer which could represent his thoughts. The narrator would move slowly in and out of the characters in the scene which was creepy and very effective. We wouldn’t use any spot lighting because this wouldn’t be so effective. By the narrator being seen only by the audience and contrasting with the other characters was interesting.

By there being a spotlight on the narrator wouldn’t be so effective. By there being no sound effects would make it seem tenser. Staging the contrast between Mickey and Edward’s lives: We did this in the same room by both set differently to show there difference. We set up Edwards’s classroom scene in neat rows to show that they are higher class. The pupils body language showed there status, they would be sitting up straight with good posture. They would be in neat uniform ties done up, shirt tucked in, hair very neat and in silence.

From this you can clearly see that the pupils receive the best education in an orderly manner. You can also tell the school is very wealthy from how the class is presented, the uniform and what the pupils are studying. The teacher is already in the classroom walking backwards and forwards observing the pupils work. From the teachers body language you can tell he is very strict, walking upright and proud in which the pupils are in silence not daring to speak, with a cane in his hand. Lighting in this scene would focus on all the characters.

Edwards’s scene is an all boy’s school. Mickey’s a mixed school this is very stereotypical of class. To contrast with this we had Mickey’s classroom on the opposite side of the room. This would be set very differently, the chairs out of place, uncontrollable mess and paper aeroplanes around the room. The pupils seemed relaxed and not bothered at all slouching on their chairs and staring into space. Their uniform would be very untidy buttons undone and ties lose. The teacher also seemed very untidy but this tells the audience that he is tied and can’t control the kids.

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