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All the participants made their own cupcakes In this activity. Do you remember the game stalls that we held at the school hall? Yes. There were many cross-curricular game stalls in the school hall which attracted our schoolmates to come and play And the junior form trivia quiz! That was one of the highlight of the English Week! It was great amusing, wasn’t it? Yes, I enjoyed being the MAC of the quiz. We have held some new activities this year, right? Yes, the Music Pilot Programmer was a new activity this year.

Students could enjoy heir lunch at room 427 and listen to different English pop songs every Tuesday at lunch time.

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It was wonderful to try new things that we’ve never done before. Also, it was a popular activity that many students had participated in. Christy, what is your favorite activity that held in this year? I would say it’s ‘Getting an Autograph’ in the English week.

It was not Just the most popular stall in all game stall held in the hall, but we could also actually learn a lot from writing a letter to our favorite singers, actors or actresses. So, that was one big great hit. We’ve learnt a lot from organizing hose castles_ First Is to be creative.

There were so many new castles that we had to think about the details of it. Also, we’ve learnt the importance of effective communication. If we don’t send our messages to others clearly, they may not be able to get our messages, like making the announcements in the morning.

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And we’ve totally experienced the art of team spirit that is to cooperate with a variety of different people. Things would never have completed if there are only two of us. Talking about people who have helped us organizing activities, there are actually loads of people we would Like to express our thanks to. First of all, we want to thank Ms.

WAG who guided us through out, advising us what to do, giving us different ideas for the activities, and what could be done even better. I’ll never forget the day that we came back in summer to try the cupcake decoration activity with Miss Wong. Yes, she is our savior. On the whole, we would like to thank the following teacher for their hard work towards the success of the English activities. Miss Chemung, Miss Luau and Miss Choc, they stayed with us after school to practice the script of the Trivia Quiz until almost 8 p. M. And Miss You, Miss Lung, Miss Luau and Miss Moore for their nutrition for the other game stalls.

We would like to thank the following teachers on behalf of all the English Ambassadors who have made the announcements through the year on the morning assembly, we would like to express our thanks to Miss Choc and Miss Wong, who had amended the draft and coached us to make all the announcements In the morning assembly. And above all, we greatly appreciate ten efforts pal Day all Tort 4 to Tort / Engel’s student teachers. 10 select ten elates to share on various social issues. And offered them the chance to shine on the stage. Of course, we need to thank all the English Ambassadors.

You all did a great Job. Without your efforts, nothing could be done. And finally, the new school year is not far from now, and we need someone to help the English Ambassador team next year! That’s right, if you have excellent spoken English, and would like to be a member of the grand SEAS team, you may find Miss. WAG to sign up. Join us and become a member of the grand SEAS family! And finally, we thank you all for your support on our English activities. Your support is our motive power. So we kindly ask you to continue on with your support on all our English activities next year. Thank you.

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