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The adolescent students Owen, Lou and Roland, clearly in over their heads with life, sit in silence with the blinds drawn staring at the centre of their table crammed with empty breakfast McDonald carton foodstuffs hastily laid out.

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The sound of the latch of a door being released soon breaks this momentary attentiveness causing them to turn back in their seats with eyes now fixed securely on their front door anticipating the entrance to come.

Watching it open, the lust of their lives Teri Dauson is revealed.


Hey boys.

Teri ambles inside.

Roland evidently feels caught-off guard by Teri’s presence as he persistently attempts to smooth out his not yet blow-dried haircut for her sake.

Teri takes her place standing with folded arms to the side of the table to where they are sitting.


How you all doin’ then?


In the biggest arm chair to be seen sits Rick.

Wearing Bermuda shorts and with his ‘flock of seagulls’ haircut pushed behind his ears, he looks the part to be engulfed in what appears to be a surfing magazine.

Tony Jumps from behind, slapping both his palms on Rick’s shoulders, making him jump. Walking to the front of Rick’s chair he sits opposite him on a coffee table, dressed in his customary expensive designer clothes he stares at Rick.


Is it proper to wear tasselled loafers with a business suit or not…Ricky? Don’t look at me like I’m insane.

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(After hesitating) Shut up, yuppie.


Easy. You see…

Pointing to his other wealthy friends

…we have this bet to see which one of us will get in the Question and Answer column first, and so now I demand an answer. What do you think?


(Aggravated) About what?


Tasselled loafers, idiot.

No answer.

Well…the tasselled loafer is traditionally a casual shoe, but it has become acceptable just because its so popular, right? I mean as long as its either black or cordovan its okay, right?


Okay, okay, okay.


Good. Now are rounded collars too dressy or too casual?

Following a final shot of Rick’s face of distraught, the shot zooms to a concerned looking Katie in the background sitting around a similar table in a smaller armchair with her boyfriend Derek and Jeffrey Stephan, the university social worker.


Look, I know this is hard for you Katie, but to make it easier on yourself you’ll have to come up with a decision as to what you’re going to do as soon as possible.



Katie please.

Further Pause.


I’d like you two to come and see me in my office later today, about five ‘o’ clock…is that okay?


Yeah thanks Jeff, we’ll be there.

Jeff stands up and leaves.


Whilst Teri still stands by the breakfast table Owen, Lou and Roland are all rushing around getting ready for the day, making way for Teri at all times.

Teri picks up a carton with a small piece of a hamburger left in it.


Mmmm, McDonalds. (Laughing) The foundation to any nourishing breakfast.

Owen now starts clearing up the mess on the table.

(Flirtatiously) So did you see anyone last night?


No. I’m keeping my life essentially uncomplicated for the time being.


What does that mean?

Owen smiles secretly to himself.

Are you seeing anyone, Owen? Come on tell me.

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