Blue Remembered Hills Script

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In our last drama piece we performed a section of Dennis Potter’s ‘Blue Remembered Hills’. This play is mainly based around seven, seven-year-old children living in the second world war, these children are played by adults to show the small amount that adults are aware of in the child mind. I will be comparing thins to the script of ‘Bugsy Malone’ written by Alan Parker, this play is the reverse of ‘Blue Remembered Hills’, it is set as children playing an adult role and so seeing in to the life of an adult and being involved in adults situations.

I will be comparing these two scripts because I feel that they contrast well with each other because of the actors playing different ages.

I will also be talking about my performance of ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ My performance piece and ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ In my performance piece me and four others (Sophie, Boe, Holly and Fraser) performed selected scenes from the play ‘Blue remembered Hills’.

I played the part of peter in the scenes, peter thinks of himself as leader in this play until scene 11 when he gets into a fight with another character, john and loses and then john becomes the ‘leader’ of the seven. Peter becomes second in charge; the ‘children’ use a very obvious state of hierarchy with their activities. We chose scenes 8 to 20, we did not perform scenes 13 and 14 because these scenes contained the character ‘Donald’, and we did not have anyone in our group who could play this part because we did not have enough people.

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In the first scene, the two girls in the play (Angela and Audrey) played by Holly and Sophie walked across the stage talking very enthusiastically about themselves and other people, a sense of hierarchy is shown here because Audrey is very desperate to be Angela’s best friend but Angela, being the more popular and pretty for the two, boasts about her many friends. I felt this part was well played and the enthusiasm bought across made the fact that they were playing young children more believable.

Peter Blue Remembered Hills

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