Karate Kid Summary

In 1984, when the movie “The Karate Kid” was first shown in theaters, there were no indications it would launch three sequels and a remake in 2010.The story of a young man relocated with a single mother and struggling to fit in is as common a theme then as it is now.As he tries to adjust to a school where he’s attracted to a young girl while being the brunt of a gang of bullies, he finds an unlikely mentor in the handyman of his apartment building who happens to be a master in karate.

Director John G. Avildsen cast actors Ralph Macchio in the lead, Pat Morita as his martial arts instructor, and Elisabeth Shue as the love interest (IMDb, 2016).As the storyline unfolds, a deeper lesson is presented than triumph over adversity and good over bad.One of the signs of maturity is the ability to control emotions, and Daniel is on the brink of becoming a man.

He experiences anxiety, insecurity, and even fear when faced with physical violence and wants the revenge of retaliation.However, Mr. Miyagi teaches him that it is more important to practice dedication and self-control than vengeance.Set in the early 1980s, The Karate Kid continues to be an example for young people trying to cope with adolescence in any era.

At the time the movie was released, America was in the throes of economic depression and cultural change (Phipps, 2015).Madonna wanted you to “Open Your Heart,” Michael Jackson was “Bad,” and Bon Jovi was “Slippery When Wet.

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”Joe Montana dominated football; Mike Tyson ruled the boxing ring, and Larry Holmes squared off against Magic Johnson on the basketball court.Dallas, Dynasty, and The Cosby Show were the top television programs while kids played with Cabbage Patch Kids, Transformers, and Care Bears.Canada gained official independence from the United Kingdom in 1982, Ronald Reagan was President, hair was big, and clothing was bright.Homes started to have computers, VCRs, Walkman’s, and boom box…

The Karate Kid Summary

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Karate Kid Summary
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