The Overprotected Kid Summary

In the opening of the article, the author criticizes that children of the 21st century have lost many of the childhood experiences such as playing in mud and rolling tires. The author uses the technique of descriptive language to create imagery. The use Of imagery not only create a realistic picture Of the situation but further engages the audience. ‘The ground is muddy in spots and at one end slope down steeply to a creek”. Rosin uses a small amount of Anecdote to put forth the reaction of the children when exposed to a playground such as “The Land”.

Essay Example on The Overprotected Kid

In the beginning of the article the author outlines how the children socialism and the positive promotion of the Land. The techniques used by Hannah Rosin, convince the reader that children need to experience and make mistake in order to develop and learn. As the article develops the author continues to emphasis how the overprotection of children is depriving children more than playing in a Land with unlimited boundaries would.

Hannah Rosin uses the techniques of descriptive language and the juxtaposition of generations to force her opinion on the reader.

The author compares the ‘safe’ playgrounds of today with the adventures one of the Land. To some extent the author mocks the safety guards of playground such as “rubber swings for babies” and “a seesaw with a central ballast to make sure no-one falls out’. Rosin implies that children are bored with how they are expected to play by including information regarding the treatment of old toys.

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“The actual children’s toys are ignored, one facedown in mud”. The techniques of descriptive language, comparison and a mocking tone are used to make the reader question whether the safety regulations are depriving children of fun and experience.

As the article, The overprotected child” concludes the author finally implies hat the children of these days are rarely without the company of an adult despite the fact that commitments such as work are increasing. In the final paragraphs of the articles, the author uses the techniques of anecdotes, factual evidence, personal opinion and rhetorical question to convince the reader that the increased protection of children is merely as a result of our unnecessary fears. Rosin juxtaposes the values and attitudes of 1 sass society with those Of the 21 SST Century to highlight the extreme involvement Of parents in children’s lives.

Rosin refers to her mothers involvement when she as younger stating “she didn’t spend vast amounts of time with me”, and compares it to that of her children “she had probably not spent more than about 10 minutes unsupervised by an adult”. The author puts forth her opinion about how hard it is to comprehend the significant shift regarding the views of childhood that has occurred in just one generation. She compares how society would have reacted to certain actions such as walking third graders to school in the sass with those of the sass, and uses factual evidence to further emphasis this. “In 1 971, 80% of third graders walked alone.

By 1 990, that measure had dropped to 9%, and now its even lower. ” The use of facts means the ideas of the text come across as more realistic and believable as there is evidence to back it up. This causes the reader to re- evaluate the necessity of too much protection. In the final lines of the feature article Hannah Rosin uses the technique of rhetorical questions to pose the theory that as a result of “our” fears, the children have lost and gained many freedoms. The use of rhetorical questions at the end of the text involves the reader and makes them consider the argument that the article is putting forward.

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