Say Hey Kid Lyrics

In our technologically advanced and ever-changing world, we get more ways to personalize our outfits, devices and even ourselves, yet all of this customization is banal and has become the norm. Children are taught from a very young age what society’s expectations of them are and what they must do in order to fulfill them and become another sheep in a heard of six million. It has become part of our culture to obsess about a brand of clothing or the new cell phone that will unify all those with the same one and alienate those without.

Being one of the industries most effected by conformity, musicians often will not take on this topic. Stefan Burnett of the band Death Grips openly sings condemning conformity suggesting it is the equivalent of being dead. “Say Hey Kid” by Death Grips juxtaposes the internal struggle to be individual and the external pull to conform by castigating the herd mentality through means of rhetorical situation and parallel syntax, while pushing the listener to deviate from the norm.

As a very common theme for this Northern California beatnik group, conformity isn’t a sensitive topic that the artists would have any problem expressing their opinions about. This almost four minute long song is one of the most open and understandable the band has released and attacks the issue head on. Being an experimental rap group with listeners varying of all types the group really reaches out to the younger generations of the working class in this song while still being able to connect with their general fan base.

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Still a quite unknown group, Death Grips has a very interesting way of establishing their credibility while performing or recording. Their music consists of a very in your face sound that will be so loud and different it grabs the attention of anybody that can hear it. By having this confidence about them that is noticeable through their lyrics and drumming, the band is relating themselves to the common person b…

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Say Hey Kid Lyrics
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