Genre-Defying KID CuDi: Hip-Hop and Rock Fusion

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Ghost Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, known better as KID CuDi, is considered a genre-defying artist. KID CuDi’s music classifies as hip-hop and rock, which seem to be opposites, but he effortlessly combines the two as if they were meant to be. CuDi released his most recent album on April 16, 2013 titled Indicud. “Mad Solar” was one of the more emotional and personal songs CuDi featured in his latest breathtaking albums. The song has an eerie feeling to it, but nevertheless, CuDi exonerates his feelings and inner thoughts into it.

KID CuDi does not hesitate to open up the song powerful, stating that he is secluded and he questions if we really know one another. CuDi goes further into the first verse by stating that he knows that he is different and that no one understands him, but he is okay with being alone. Life and the people around others ultimately do affect their life, whether they are good or bad company.

CuDi has been through bad times with recently dropping from G. O. O. D Music, drug abuse and withdrawal, child custody battles over his daughter, and even betrayal from who he thought were his riends.

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Those difficult times that made him question his life and pushed him towards loneliness, resulted in CuDi being “cold blooded”. Through all the hard times, music was an outlet to him. CuDi has changed because of the trials he has faced, and he has lost fans because of this change. If the public sees him a certain way, then that is perfectly fine to him because in the end he is doing well in his career.

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“Fuck ’em” is an expression used to show that the public’s comments are disregarded in his mind because it is his life, not theirs.

The hook is where KID CuDi is reaching out to those people who think he is and telling them that their opinion does not affect himself as a person. CuDi has always been known for being fascinated with outer space; his references with space symbolize being high, his inner thoughts, the loneliness and darkness that comes along with his life. The term “Mad solar” refers to a transition that he is making in his life and music career. Reaching a new step, he is satisfied with the altercations he has made to his life.

Tying into the word solar, his life is brighter and more positive. CuDi wants the world to see his Juristic change, though their opinion is not relative, he wants to prove people wrong. The doubts that everyone has thrown at him make CuDi a more diligent artist; saying he is crazy and has changed ultimately fuels his fire to become back superior. KID CuDi gets into the heart of the song with the second verse. Through out the song, CuDi explained what he has been through but people continue to call him crazy though ne is living his lite the way ne wants to.

He continues to say that his “heart has been swollen, it’s been healin’ slow’ because he is still recovering from a break up with his girlfriend, CuDi does not want to age with out someone being there with him. This also refers to the ongoing custody battles for his daughter; he does not want to alone live at home with out her. Looking back on his life, there were moments that he realized some of who he thought were his “friends”, Just so happened to be skeptics.

CuDi reflects on his life and what goes on through his head, trying to reach eep down and see if he truly knows himself. There were many dishonest people in CuDi’s life that were never really there for him, but claimed to know him. Years went on, being deceived by backstabbers whom he thought were close to him. Those people made him question who he really is and misjudge his future because they blinded him. He goes to say that there is not any room for people who take space up in his life anymore, if you are not really there for him then do not attempt to make a place in his life.

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