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Eight Men Out is a movie that tells about the apparent throwing of the 1919 baseball World Series. The film thoroughly explores the events from the initial circulation of the idea through the team to the events after their trial. The director of the film seemed not to focus as much on all the minute details of the scandal but instead showed the different personalities of the baseball players involved. While I enjoyed the movie and enjoyed the portrayal of the characters, it seemed like the movie had the intention of making the audience sympathizing with the players.

Whether it makes it a bad movie or not, it was hard not to feel conflicted by the characters personalities and the decisions they made. For instance, even though the 8 characters took bribes to throw away games the director tries to justify this by bringing up that fact that they were underpaid and in Eddie’s case, was refused a bonus because he was only one win short of the bonus.

On one hand the audience wants to sympathize with the players; but on the other they still took bribes and ruined games for the rest of their teammates.

When looking back at the details of the scandal, it makes clear sense as to why they threw the games. All the players had to do was lose a few games and then they would make more money than they were paid in a whole year by their greedy owner, Comisky. This isn’t to say that the players didn’t know what they were doing was wrong, but as seen everywhere in business, money is the persuading variable.

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In the end, money was more important to them than the risk and winning the series. An aspect of the movie that I enjoyed was that it was clear who was guilty and who was less guilty. For instance, Chic and sweetie were the first involved in the plan; they spread the original idea around the team and recruited more players to help throw the games. Other players, like Bucky, participated in the scheme yet did not fully understand it and thought the…

Movie Summary – Eight Men Out Movie Summary – Eight Men Out Movie Summary – Eight Men Out

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