An Observation of Eight Corners Primary School

The school I was assigned to do my observation hours is called Eight Corners Primary School, and is located in Scarborough, Maine. Before even stepping foot off campus, I was curious as to what the school would be like. The name especially made me curious, because back home, all the schools I know are named after the town. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a private school or a specialty type of school. I googled the name, and found that it was kindergarten through second grade school, which I found really interesting because generally I have known only of kindergarten through sixth grade.

When I arrived at the school, it was just about nine o’clock in the morning and all the students were arriving at the same time as I was. The school appeared small from the outside. I walked in among all of the students, which I found to be funny because they were all so little compared to me, and stared up at me like I was some alien or unknown creature.

As soon as I opened the door, the front desk of the office was directly to my right, and there stood two or three secretaries who were greeting the children with big smiles.

The secretaries were extremely friendly, and all of the children were eager to get their attention and tell them the latest news from the day before. There was immediately a very personal feel to the school. I introduced myself, and they were excited to hear about my background.

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It was very reassuring to have such a welcoming feel so soon. They helped me to sign in, and directed me to the classroom.

As I walked down the hallway, I was surrounded by young children, which was expected in a kindergarten through second grade school. The hallway was decorated with artwork that represented the learning taking place in the classrooms. As I headed throughout the halls, eventually I found the classroom of Jessica Deans, the kindergarten teacher I was observing. She was seated at her desk, and as soon as she saw me she greeted me and introduced herself. She was much like the secretaries, very welcoming with a big smile.

I was very relieved of how kind she was. She was very relaxed, and having a visitor in the room didn’t seem to phase her by any means. My first thoughts when I walked into the classroom was how everything was designed just for kindergarteners. As I grew up, I never noticed the little things like the change in table height. The walls were covered in art work, posters, and there was a lot of color in the room. As I settled in, I walked around and took a closer look at what the decorations had to offer. There was different areas in the room, dedicated to things like reading and mathematics.

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