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Meg Whitman Case Paper

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Finally, I will discuss how the employees at eBay respond to Meg Whitman leadership style. Discuss how Meg Whitman leadership reflects transaction leadership. Transaction leadership Involves motivating and directing primarily through appealing to employees self-interest. Whitman shows this by her employees being cheerful and formal but at the same time hardworking and successful. Whitman being the CEO of eBay shows she has the primary power of being a transactional leader, which comes from their formal authority in the organization. Whitman also focuses on the basic management of controlling, organizing, and short-term lancing.

When a manager was asked what It like Is to report to Whitman, he replied “l have numbers, I know them. They’re very clear. And the expectations are high” (Organizational Behavior, 2009). This shows that Whitman focuses on controlling, organizing, and short-term planning by the way manager’s report to Whitman. A manager being comfortable with reporting to his CEO also shows that Whitman has an effective way of motivating her employees. There are five practices In which effective transactional leaders are likely to engage in. Two of these practices are in the form of questions.

They are, “what needs to be done” and “what is right. ” During Whitman first arrival at eBay, she promised to transform eBay from an online auction house Into a much bigger, general-purpose shopping destination. Whitman considered these two questions when considering this promise. The third practice is they develop action plans. Whitman had a plan through a promise which she put In action by acquiring Stub, Online Classifieds, Shopping. Com, Rent. Com, Seep, and Papal. In the case, a manager commented: “Several years ago we were a secondary collectibles marketplace.

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Now we’re a trading platform. ” The change In those several years Is a result of decisions made by Whitman of acquiring certain companies. The fourth practice is they take responsibility for their decisions. Whitman commented: I’m a netter leader, a netter manager, a netter executive than when I earlier as a youngster. I have learned how to manage a company that reinvents itself every couple of years” (Organizational Behavior, 2009). Whitman comment could not be made without her learning from her mistakes and bad decisions in the past and taking responsibility for them.

The fifth practice is they take responsibility for communicating. Under Whitman leadership, eBay comes up with a lot of good ideas through communicating, but they think opening up the platform makes eBay stronger, better, as other people develop applications to the platform. Whitman leadership shows that she takes responsibility for communicating. Identify the aspects of Meg Whitman leadership that reflect authentic leadership. An aspect of Meg Whitman leadership that reflects authentic leadership is that Whitman knows and understands herself.

Whitman shows this my making a promise hen she first arrives at eBay and making her promise come true. Whitman also learned from her mistakes and became a better CEO as time went on. Whitman success would not be possible if she did not know and understand herself. The second aspect of Meg Whitman leadership that reflects authentic leadership is Whitman knowing what she believes and values. Whitman shows this by making the company more diverse resulting in the encouragement and respect of diverse viewpoints. Whitman also earned credibility by making eBay more successful and a fun and cheerful place to work.

This allows Whitman the ability to have more employees to trust and follow her (Organizational Behavior, 2009). The third aspect of Meg Whitman leadership that reflects authentic leadership is Whitman acting on her values and beliefs through open and honest communication with subordinates and others. Whitman managers report to her with numbers ready and clear because Whitman has a craving for statistics. Whitman has more a craving for bottom line results. Whitman having this belief and her subordinates following her belief shows she covers this aspect.

Whitman looks for employees that re energize by the mission of the company. Whitman value and belief of the mission is openly and honestly communicated through her hiring process (Organizational Behavior, 2009). Discuss how Meg Whitman leadership reflects transformational leadership. Meg Whitman leadership reflects transformational leadership by anticipating future trends, inspiring followers to understand and embrace a new vision of possibilities, developing others to be leaders or better leaders, and building the organization or group into a community of challenged and rewarded learners Organizational Behavior, 2009).

Meg Whitman shows this by leading eBay to stick to their business plan with no inception. Also Whitman makes sure the company stays focused on their goals. Whitman promise to transform eBay from an online auction house into a much bigger, general-purpose shopping destination was achieved (Organizational Behavior, 2009). This shows that Whitman anticipated future trends and inspired followers to embrace her vision of new possibilities with understanding. Discuss how Meg Whitman used her leadership skills to transform the company from an online auction souse into a general purpose shopping destination company.

Meg Whitman used her leadership skills to transform the company from an online Acton nouns Into a general purpose snooping standalone company Day continuously expanding the eBay marketplace and new services in communities around the world. Another action Whitman took to achieve this was acquiring Shopping. Com, Rent. Com, Papal, Stub, Online Classifieds, and Seep (Organizational Behavior, 2009). Whitman acquiring all these companies helps expand eBay’s marketplace. Whitman also does this by makes the company more diverse which increases new ideas and alps the company be more successful.

Discuss how the employees at eBay respond to Meg Whitman leadership style. The employees at eBay respond to Meg Whitman leadership style in a positive way. Whitman leadership results in employees being cheerful and formal. Whitman leadership style is also expressed through eBay’s casual work environment. Whitman success in the company by increasing profits and diversity in a successful way shows that employees and follow her leadership style. Whitman caring leadership style is shown by her sticking with her employees through thick ND thin by staying by an ill employees’ side until he stabilized.

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