American Romanticism: Whitman, Dickinson, and Emerson

Which sentence states an opinion held by American Romantic writers?
Cities are the center of corruption and ugliness

American Romantic writers rejected rationalism because they believed that..
scientific reasoning discouraged intuition and spontaneity

Through Gothic novels, Romantic writers explored
mysteries linked to the subconscious

The journey in American Romantic literature can be characterized as
leaving civilization and entering the world of nature

American Romantic writers believed that poetry was..
the greatest witness to the power of imagination

As literary models, American Romantic poets used
poems by established European Romantics

The typical American Romantic hero was
deeply intuitive and ruled by superior principles

The American Fireside Poets are best known for their
comfortable subjects appealing to families

Whittier threw a volume of Walt Whitman’s poetry into the fire because
he did not appreciate the innovations in Whitman’s work

Which of the following best states one of Emerson’s philosophies
be true to yourself

When Emerson says we are “ashamed of that divine idea which each of us represents,” which of the following best describes what he means by that divine idea.

each person uniqueness, as conceived by god

Emerson states that the most sacred aspect of a person is the
integrity of an individual’s mind

According to Emerson, the “hobgoblin of little minds” is.



“Trust thyself: Every vibrates to that iron string”
What does that mean?
Trust yourself, and you will be strong

“Speak what you think now in hard words, and tomorrow speak what tomorrow thinks in hard words again.

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.” what does this mean?

Say whats on your mind in the strongest way you can

An important similarity between Whitman and Dickinson is their
Willingness to break away from literary conventions

Dickinson’s poems flowed from her
rich internal life and close observation of nature

Form the beginning, Whitman expected his poetry to be
carried like a message into the future

Dickinson did not achieve fame during her lifetime because..
most of her poetry was not published until after her death

Whitman’s feelings about his own poems are best revealed by his
belief that they were important enough to publish at his own expense

Whitman’s style and technique are based on cadence, which is
the rhythm and long sweeps of sound used by great speakers

Whitman developed a free-verse style, which is
poetry without predictable end rhyme or meter

To highlight the ideas in her poems , Dickson
uses carefully measured rhymes and meters

Which of the following statements best describes the influence of Dickinson and Whitman on later poets?
Their development of vastly different but equally important personal styles has inspired generations of poets

In the Whitman poem, a bell is ringing dolefully or

The bell’s admonition ________ sailors about a nearby reef

When applied to a ship, tacking means ________
changing direction

In the Dickson poem, the sea is called docile because it is__________

The degree referred to in the Dickinson poem is an__________
assigned direction

Both the Whitman poem and the Dickinson poem are examples of poetry that
abandons conventional rhyme and meter

In the first stanza of the Whitman poem, the speaker describes
a fog-burned ship approaching a reef

In the last two lines of Whitman poem, the speaker suggests that
the human soul faces a difficult life journey

In the Dickson poem, the moon and the sea are metaphors for
a loved one and the speaker

An example of slant rhyme in the Dickson poem is

Praying lady

circle with line through it

The two girls standing next too each other that look alike

the beach

a bunch of men


a group of people pushing one person away

from the satellite dish too the pole

guy with books

girl saying yes boy saying no

plate with different foods

singing sun

towel with water coming out of it

spider web

pale full of books and other stuff

empty room

crying baby

girl chilling at the beach

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