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Sketch What You Observe When Examining The Hay Infusion Paper

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When you are finished, submit this assignment to your teacher by the due date for full credit. (3 points) Score 1 . How do you calculate magnification on a microscope? Answer: The shortest lens is the scanning objective; you use it to locate the object on the slide. The medium-length lens is the low-power objective. The longest lens is the gig-power objective.

Essay Example on Sketch What You Observe When Examining The Onion Root Tip

Multiplying the power of the eyepiece lens and the nose piece lens gives you the total number of times an object will magnified. (4 points) 2. Explain how to focus a microscope using the high power lens. Include any safety issues you need to be aware of. Answer: Turn the knob to focus the image. Be very careful when you adjust the focus. If you crank down too hard, you can damage the microscope and the slide. (1 points) 3.

Why is it important to keep a microscope covered when you’re not using it? Answer: To keep dust out of the lenses and eyepiece. (1 point) 4. Sketch what you observe when examining the onion root tip using the low-power lens and the high-power lens. Label the sketches or write a brief description of your observations. Answer: 5. Sketch what you observe when examining the hay infusion using the low- power lens and the high-power lens.

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