Observe and Report is a comedy starring Seth Rogan and Anna Faris

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Observe and Report is a comedy starring Seth Rogan and Anna Faris. The movie was a typical 2000’s cheesy comedy, with rough camera shots and grainy quality. Despite the Observe and Report receiving a medium rating on IMbD, it is a horrendous movie which would have been better unseen. Although the idea of this movie is innocent and appealing, the bracing and misogynistic humour causes one to recoil in dismay. Usually, people like movies because of the action, the reality, or the humour.

Unfortunately, this movie has none of those qualities. Dark humour is taken to the extreme throughout the movie, causing audiences to cringe and look away.

For Seth Rogen fans, these charmless, comedic and ruthless images make this film one for only die-hard Rogen fans. Seth Rogen plays Ronnie Barnhardt, a lovable loser who is an All-Day security guard in a shopping mall. In this, he of course resembles Kevin James in the Paul Blart Mall Cop movies, which were made before this piece of work.

Ronnie is a nasty piece of work with a fluctuating condition that changed his moods so often, He had to use his meds to affect him in a positive way so that he could be around others. But not quite, The same drugs that he had to take to make him

sane was the same drug that was used in part of the main plot of the story. A drug rape on the mall’s similarly unpleasant cosmetics salesperson, played by Anna Faris.

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Again and again, you almost laugh at something that is almost good, and then there is a clumsy and misjudged moment of crassness. Many of the things that went on in this movie are the way we do not want to look at things now in the modern world.

Movies sometimes are just meant to stay unmade. But Observe and Report makes it work.. Kinda. In the beginning of the movie the main problem that the mall and Ronnie is having is the flasher that is going around and showing himself off to all the women of the mall. Yes this funny and all but it is disturbing to a point. The movie’s director, Jody Hill, should not have made that one of the main points that Observe and Report is centered around. In today’s culture and world that should not be joked about as it was in Observe and Report. Further into the movie you can see the toll that it takes on Anna Ferrris character and how she becomes fearful on where she goes throughout the movie and scared that it will happen again to her. Tom Charity (CNN) goes on to say “The movie is funnier for his (Seth Rogen) control, and also more disturbing.” Jody Hill does a good job of trying to transition from the flasher to a different thing that is terrorizing the mall in Ronnies drug that he accidentally puts in Anna Ferrris characters drink. Still really bad in a modern day point of view but better than a guy running around naked and showing himself to unexpecting women.

The thing that really stuck out to me was the fact that in Observe and Report was how Seth Rogen’s character was still a serious character throughout the whole movie,

even though it was a comedy. Tom Charity (CNN) says ‘This may be the first time Rogen has stepped out of his comfort zone as an actor. With his hair cropped to a Marine buzz, and cutting out the winks and the wisecracks (Ronnie has no sense of humor), Rogen refuses to soften us up or apologize for the character’s low IQ.” Rogen has been known to act in super funny roles that center around him being a hilarious actor but Rogen acting in Observe and Report really changed the view of him in being in a serious role but also in a comedidal movie. Having the comedy in the movie makes the movie so much more bearable. If the comedy was not there Observe and Report would be a total train wreck with flashers and adte rape drugs. Observe and Report would just be a very bad put together Dateline movie.

Observe and Report is a movie that made you think sometimes if it was creative genius or just down right bad. That is what might set this movie over the top from others just like it. The Comedy was just enough to get the viewers to laugh and giggle a little bit but the dark humor was enough to turn those viewers away. Some of the jokes that were mentioned in Observe and Report were very vile and insensitive towards women and female culture in general. It takes a special kind of person to get and understand some of the dark humor that was mentioned in Observe and Report.

All in all, this movie was a very average movie that had some high spots and some very low ones that could have mad Observe and Report an absolute dumpster fire. Observe and Report did not meet my taste level for what I look forward to in a movie. They also did not meet the satisfaction of the viewers either by receiving 51% disapproval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Even in the public eye, it was nearly an average movie that could not have been more of a mediocre movie that was horrendous and comical at the same time.

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Observe and Report is a comedy starring Seth Rogan and Anna Faris
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