Miss Fairchild Character Sketch

One of the main characters in the short story “Hearts and Hands,” written by O Henry, Is an attractive young woman named Miss Fairchild. This character has feelings for a man named Mr.. Gaston, another main character, and cannot see that she Is being lied to because of her feelings and obliviousness. The problem involves counterfeiting. She is told that Mr.. Gaston Is a marshal and Is handcuffed too criminal who counterfeited and they are all In a train going to Leavenworth.

She cannot see past her feelings for Mr.. Gaston and therefore, allowed herself to be lied to.

Essay Example on Hearts And Hands Miss Fairchild

She Is described as an attractive rich young woman with a gloss of style and manner but she Is also human, therefore has feelings too. Miss Fairchild Is a rich woman who has manner and style. In the train, she looks and speaks how a first class person should. She has a full, sweet, and deliberate voice that she used while conversing with Mr.

. Gaston. This also shows that she is in love or at least has feelings for Mr.. Gaston. When she glanced at them she was disinterested at first but as soon as she noticed it was Mr.. Gaston, her countenance brightened and a tender pink tinged her round cheeks.

Miss Fairchild was also too blinded by her feelings that she couldn’t see past them and allowed herself to be lied to. She is also a normal human being who does not and cannot always act with a gloss of style and manner.

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This characteristic was showed when she began truly and simply talking about the West to the two men with shining eyes and said that money isn’t everything. All of those traits—being rich, elegant, oblivious, in love, and human— describe Miss Fairchild. She was all of these, but was lied to because she couldn’t see past her feelings. But in reality, it’s not like they will ever see each other again.

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Miss Fairchild Character Sketch
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