"The Santa Klaus Murder" by Mavis Doriel Hay

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If the Weihnachtsbaume the lights burning, has the family celebration still far are simply under a lucky star. For the dear relatives (or fight) together in order to maintain trust for a few hours harmony, to feast, exchange gifts and their ways of doing things possible again without major damage.

In the Melburys but something comes terrible in between. Sir Osmond Melbury, 66, his family has called on the country estate Flaxmere at Bristol to the festival tradition of celebrating in accordance with worship, feast and gift giving on tree lights.

Even Santa Claus (Sir Osmond attaches importance to the etymologically correct “K” from “Santa Claus”) will arrive and all the servants included, bringing a gift. Unfortunately, the patriarch will not survive the holidays.

What’s behind it and what the result is, which tells the English author Mavis Doriel Hay (1894-1979) in her thriller ” the Santa Claus Murder. At the very beginning of the novel, the author can be feeble the Senior short and painless.

No decorative accessory, no gory details disguise the fact that a gunshot in Sir Osmonds forehead slay him on the evening of the First Christmas day. Motives for the crime come soon enough to light the circle of suspects is small, but which of them fired the shot?

Since the early death of his wife was Sir Osmond his sister Mildred with words and deeds Page. She took care of his son and three daughters. Both primary concern was the children to marry befitting. But times silently arranged marriages were over.

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After refusing Oliver Wiscombe, the favorite of her father to wait patiently until she can marry the penniless writer Philip. Sir Osmond suffered a stroke, his condition deteriorated obvious, and in the house Melbury there was remarkable upheavals. Chauffeur Ashmore, for many years as reliable as the old Daimler sedan, has been replaced along with the car against a young driver with a sleek Sunbeam. Even Aunt Mildred was exiled. A pretty young secretary filled the vacancy and was promoted quickly at the right hand of the master of the house.

As the younger generation with the kids eintrudelt on Flaxmere nor Mildred hovering wisdom from ancient times to the house ( “families are once broken apart, should also remain separate … to want to reunite all the happy family atmosphere that you enjoyed as a child, in my view, a mistake. “), but it can hear no more. Particularly well the couples do not understand each other, but what unites them inside, the suggestion that the head of the family is “the death to be desired”, and all drives to what will become of the handsome heritage. How did Sir Osmond his wealth distributed among his loved ones? Or has he bequeathed in a sudden change of all the racy redhead in the office?

Oliver Wiscombe, who was at the ceremony to Santa Claus, discovered after his appearance the body in the study. Rasch is Colonel Halstock on hand to take over the investigation. The neighbor and friend of the deceased expects a speedy investigation, but each survey complicates the case. No one has observed something that everyone can find a few things of mention not worth it, and everyone agrees that one should not wear outside Family internals.

But Colonel Halstock is persistent. Unerringly he pursues his strategy until he has passed puzzled through the maze of statements and recognizes the end who has his friend on his conscience. For us readers a few lengths and repetitions may result if every situation from the perspective of several persons is described. On the other hand lies precisely herein, the intellectual appeal of thrillers by the classic Whodunit principle. There are subtle differences in the statements that allow us to Mitraten and give the sense of achievement to catch up with the investigators.

Sexy at this Christmas Crime also is the charm of bygone era. The estate, the fine interiors, clean manners, smug upperclass -Konversationen discreetly his services verrichtendes staff and a bit of rebellion against rigid conventions – all of which can be enjoyed and / or amused. according to the character of the feast of love must remain outside bloodthirstiness, action and psychological terror – is that murder is already frivolous enough for a reading under the Christmas tree.

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"The Santa Klaus Murder" by Mavis Doriel Hay
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